Tuesday, December 14, 2010

It’s a Vogue1052 Endless Combination 2010

This third piece to the Paisley Parfait is Vogue 1052.
I had much fun and trials with this pattern. I like it a lot and plan on getting a lot of wear from it. Especially with jeans. Here are the pics. I am sorry for the vagueness for I am trying to beat the clock:
V1052 collar take 1V1052 collar take 2
These are the collar tribulations. Before and after the fix.
V1052 pocket marking
The welt pocket marking that did not quite make it to a pocket…because I didn’t know what I was doing.

V1052 pre backV1052 pre front
Front and back. Too cute.
V1052 trim take 1V1052 trim take 2
Collar trim before and after.

V1052 Welt pocket
The pocket that did become a pocket. I need to work on this welt pocket stuff!
Here is the unfinished lining because I ran out of material. It is finished in a sense – the arms and side front and back are not lined but the lining is neatly finished and I like it. So that is all that count. No one will know but me…oh and you, and you and you ….
Here are the buttons that I wanted bigger.
Pictures of me just posing.

I think I should keep the shirt tucked in….but then again. I kinda like it like this.
Until later, Schey

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