Tuesday, August 3, 2010

New Love - Re-Usies

So, this is my new found love. I am tired of having to buy new plastics bags for lunches, snacks, baby minister meals. Yes, baby minister meals. I bet you are wondering what I'm talking about. Well, let me explain that part. If you are a member or have ever been to a black Baptist Sunday church service then you know what I am talking about. If not...well, this is when all the singing has been sang, the prayers has been prayed and the monies has all been taken up and counted. Now, it's time for the bread. Yeah, the sermon. The Minister preaches and this may take an hour or more of, sometimes...ok more times than not, of hooplin and hollering and you really may not know what the message is supposed to be about because this is all you here. Now, this is where the Re-Usies come in. Your baby or toddler just refuses to go to sleep from the base in the speakers that are bouncing off the walls. So, you pull out this pack full of Cheerios and start to (almost stuffing) feed the cereal to the child so he or she will shut-up. That is baby minister meal.

Totally washable and dishwasher safe. There is a sandwich bag and the snack pack that is just big enough to hold...get this you calorie freaks...your 100 Calorie snacks. Yes, I said it! You can wash and reuse instead of buying more and more bags and spending more and more money. Also, is a bag I was playing around with is
trimmed in red. It has no closure so I'll keep that one for my sun flower seed hulls. (My sisters have me running my blood pressure through the roof. Not really but I better stop before I do.)  

The sandwich and snack set is for sale. Please visit There will be more to come. Until later...and if more time permits....


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