Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Jalie Again

Jalie is one well-known woman I tell ya. Another version of these such wonderful pair of jeans from a printed pattern is yet to come. I am working on Anna's school wardy and out come another pair of jeans. These are made from baby cordaroy (I think it was 21 cords) in Sunshine Yellow. The Butterflies were Anna's idea and she placed them the way she wanted them. There were extra butterflies left over so I put three on the back pocket horizontally and one on the front beltloop. Very cute. The top is RTW but Ann thought hot pink went well with the yellow. She was right. Oh this is so cute!  Kohl's ...move on over!   

Yeah, I know I need to comb her hair; but I'm sewing for goodness sake! Such cutie. 

Leg detail.

Back pocket.

Beltloop detail.


LoverofWords said...

those are really cute.
hello by the way i believe this is my time commenting

Sandi said...

Adorable! I need to get busy and make my DD a pair.

Eve said...

Oh my, your daughter is adorable!
I really like her outfit, she's going to be just like you with sewing and design. Great placement of the butterflies, it's too cute.