Monday, June 28, 2010

Wardrobe Contest 2010

I am sewing along with the PR Wardrobe Contest 2010. The purpose is to have a working wardrobe when you are done. How many of us actually have a working wardrobe? What I mean by that is, do you go to the closet and can't find this to go with that? Or that to go with this? Ok, I have not joined and think I'm not going to. I'll just sew along. But I plan on adding my creations toSewmamasew for the June contest in Make It, Wear It. This is my storyboard. What is a storyboard, you might ask. It is a plan, a master set, the thing you're supposed to go by and don't really go it because you are constantly changing your mind on the fabric choices, fabric colors, patters that you settled to sew but as soon as a new one come out you like that one too. Yeah, that's the master plan, the storyboard. And here is mine.

Now, you get it? Ok, I admit, I just learned how to do it myself. You might ask, again, what is the purpose
of a storyboard. It keeps you on track. I have the fabric choices too.
For the purpose of the contest each bottom must coordinate with each top and the topper must coordinate with each outfit. You also get a free choice that must coordinate too. You can see other storyboards and great ideas here on Pattern Review founded by Deepika.
These are the bottom choices: from left to right are the shorts in grey stretch, the trouser type pant in the stripe slightly stretch twill, the jeans in denim, and the skirt in light beige twill. I think these will go very well with the top fabric choices.   

These are the tops fabric choices. The tops, from left to right, are either a green knit or lime green poly something, I can't really make up my mind for this material for the first top. For the second top will be the orange knit and the third top, already done, is in white knit. It is very pretty I must say. And the last top will be this pretty dooky green background fabric with the smudgy orange flowers. It was labelled lining fabric but it can easily be made into a pretty blouse.

Here are the shorts and the white top already made. I finished these last week and tweaked the shorts yesterday. Here is the placement test drive for the "flowers and leaves" that didn't end up the same way on the finished product.

Finished top.

Modified shorts

Shorts back. The so called "Spongebob view".;)

I'll be back with more as I sew. I have the vest cut out but it's waiting around to talk to me.

Another piece to the unfinished Wardrobe contest.
This is one the oufits that I was supposed to sew during the Pattern Review Wardrobe Contest 2010...that I never entered and I am glad I didn't because, as you can see, I am just now getting done with the jumper and still have several more to sew up. (The vest is still waiting to be put together.) This is M6083.

I made the colorful little nuber on the left. Here is the story board I made for it when it was in the planning stage. You can veiw it here: PR Wardrobe Contest 2010. My fabric is a stretchy type very light weight denim or twill. I made a shorts in the same material and found it to attract ALL lint. Now as I was putting the jumper together I made a BIG booboo. I had sewn the front of the bodice to the back of the bottom or the front of the bottom to the back of the bodice...just depends on how you look at it.

Back of bodice. Front of bottom. 

You think if I twist real fast and hard it'll fix itself and I don't have to rip? Let's see.

 Nope! No good. Front of bodice. Back of bottom. Oh well, back to the drawing board...Oh I mean the seam ripper. ...Until later, Schey


Anonymous said...

I really like the white tank. I've made the cascading ruffle top from this pattern. You've now inspired me to make this one as well. :-)

Anonymous said...

nice top

Heather said...

Ooo, I love the top! The ruffles look really cute.

Scheryka Sews 41 said...

Thank you to all. There's one in yellow on the way. ;)

Me! said...

Just ran up on your blog. Love the top and the shorts. You are a very talented sewist!

Susan said...

Fantastic!!! You are doing such a great job putting together your own wardrobe! I love, love, love the white top and the shorts look great too. I can't wait to see all the other outfits you put together!

Thank you for stopping by my blog and commenting on my backpack. I enjoy getting to know my readers and stopping by your blog and stories as well.

Take care!


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