Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Black and White and Pretty all Over

The purpose of this blog-isode is to post a black top I made about 2 years ago and a skirt I made about a month or two ago. I used to use my daughter's room as my sewing spot while she was still a tod. I thought that things would be much easier if I could sew while she slept and watch Days of Our Lives at the same time while I'm getting some washing in. (Talk about flexability and multifunctionality!) Yes, it's a word. It's my word. I do not remember the pattern number for the top but I do believe it's an OOP McCalls. (I'm just too lazy to get up and go see.) I am not crazy about it all. I will make it again eventually because I kept the pattern for some reason. I believe it was because I wanted to make it on the bias. Then maybe I'll like it. Anyhow, I paired it with my most favorite skirt right now. I got the idea from a member on Pattern Review. I can not remember her name and tried to look up her skirt but failed and refused to browse through those hundreds of posts. (Wow, I just read what I typed...I did not try to look up her skirt!) LOL But I did try to look up the post to her skirt....ok that sounds better!) (So if you happen to be reading this blog and just so happen to know who I am talking about, hit me up.)
Update: I found the post! Her name is Domestichaven - here's the link to her skirt. She used a different pattern. I used Butterick 5466.
All I done was add in this exposed zipper at the back seam and gained instant gratification and sexinism. (Yeap, that's a word too.) It is fully functional and cosmetic. I made sure I used a heavy duty metal sipper and sewn several rows so that I won't one day sit and rip. What a site to see. Haha. But since I have lost just bit more weight it would only be mildly of an eye ache to the general public. And please Mister Officer don't jail me because my outfit decided to give the onlookers a Rated R trailer peek. But these days, what was once called R is now PG-13! Wow. Also, I paired with my favorite white top. It looks much better that way. I love this look. And the shoes! OMG! The shoes. Well, here's the outfit.

The white top is so much more better.

Due to an 11 year old not be camera savvy, this is the best I can get you of the zipper for righ tnow.

Until later,


lizajane said...

I like that word- sexinism! May have to use that. Love it with the white top and I'm in love with your shoes.

Eve said...

Awesome outfit. The skirt is very appealing, and both tops work well, but the white top screams stylish fun!

I Love those shoes!! And your hair is soooo pretty! :D