Wednesday, November 3, 2010

One Pattern Wardrobe - Simplicity 2868 - Pattern Review Contest 2010

     So, I am wanting to enter, yet, another contest on Pattern Review. I CAN NOT believe that I only got 2 -2 - votes for my LBD. At the time of this posting there were 414 views, helpful to 1 and very helpful to 3 persons. I'm fine with it though because I have an outstanding LBD that I love. Here's the LBD blog.  
     For this contest, One Pattern Wardrobe, the key is to use one pattern and make a look with it. (Like a mini wardrobe.) I have several patterns that fit the bill and since I am trying to use patterns that I have not made yet, I went through the stash and found plenty. Of the lucky bucks these were the choices:

Five Simplicities

McCalls - two.

And two Buttericks.

I had a good Simplicity stash that needed to be worked on. So I think that is why this pattern won.

I have just about as much fabric in the stash as I do patterns. So, I made it my business to NOT buy any new fabric for this contest. I bust up the stash and all the boxes, crates, and shelves and buckets and bags. I couldn't really make any solid and sound decision so I closed my eyes and started pulling out fabric. From the ones that were lucky enough to make the pull, I chose from them. This is what became of the random selected (blindfolded) choices:

The red was the intentional choice. A Girl has got to have color.

As the sewing progress, so will this blog (I think - I have a habit of meaning to do but do don't really happen). So come back and let's see the One Pattern Wardrobe give birth to another outfit that will mysteriously end up on hangers in the Mrs. closet and yet still pushing the Mr's. wardy to his little devoted corner. Seriously, ladies, do we really need all this space? Yes - I'll answer my own question.

Until later, Schey


Carla(LoverofWords) said...

so are you going to make all of the pieces in the wardrobe pattern.

ScheyF. said...

No. I had planned on making the skirt, pants and jacket originally. Now, I think I will sit this contest out and participate in the Endless Combinations Contest. It has more time and it's not restricted to one pattern. I will still do these pieces, they are just not priority. ;)

Myra said...

Some nice patterns you have there! Sorry about your LBD. I think it was really pretty. I need to start paying more attention to the contest voting. (I didn't vote for anything unfortunately!) Good luck on the contest you do decide to join!.