Friday, March 12, 2010

Pattern Review 2010 Bag Challenge Phase 1

This a purse, bag, or whatever you want to call it, that I saw on recently. I later saw it on the VoguePatterns. I so love this pure. I do not so love this purse to pay for it. Let alone pay full price. Sew, what does any seamtress or sewist does when they want something but refuse to pay what's on the price tag? Well darn it, we make it ourselves. Sew that's just what I am going to do! Here's the one to Vogue: I am referencing to the cream colored rose bag. What a Beauty, huh? Well, here is what has happened to the bag so far.

1. This the burgandy velvet for the main bag.
2. The black pellon that will help to keep shape of the said bag.
3. Gold ribbon that will attempt to be ruffles for the rose.
4. The gold lining for the inside of said bag.
5. A few of my pattern pieces that I made up while trying to emulate said bag.
6. Last, there are a few hardware pieces that revived from other purses that no longer live.

The photo to the right does no justice for the color of the lining but it shows the detail of the design very well. The color in the first picture is closest to the real thing.

The lining is all sewn and ready to go. I will do a removable compartment that will help with organization. But that will be the last thing I do.

The Ribbon is ready to go. I started this round and round we go and have a bit more to do. The ruffies are read to be ruffled.

The rest of the ribbon to be ruffed.

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