Sunday, March 14, 2010

Pattern Review 2010 Bag Challenge Phase 3

I have had a hiatus from sewing because of classes (Healthcare Management), colds, camera needed batteries, needed to find some more chain... you name it, I had it, needed it, or was short of it. Anyhow, here is another phase of this gorgeous bag construction.

This shows the chain put on the hardware that was sought and bought from a bag from the Goodwill.

It was mandatory to have some sort of organization. Sew, I remember seeing this organization strip commercial and decided to knock it too. I muxt admit, I could have done a bit better, but with time restraints and other things that was not feasable. But this strip measured 24" by 4" before construction .

I serged the longer ends and folded down 1" from the top...pinned....

Then I turned the bottom portion into the top portion...pinnd and then sewed a 3/8 seam allowance. On both sides, people.

Next, I made little sections of varying sizes to accomodate my needy things. There is a space big enough for a few cards and my DL. A space for a couple of pens, a tube of lipsyick, ...

A pack of napkins, a tube of hand lotion or cream...

This is the org strip turned with the items on the inside...

Now the items are turned with the items on the outside.

A view with the org strip inside the bag.

Well, you are going to have to read the next blog to see the Standing Ovation for the knocked off
bag that I sew fell in love with.
Until later,