Thursday, March 4, 2010

Happy Birthday Anna


This is Anna's birthday dress that she asked me to make for her. She gave me the colors she wanted and described what she wanted in the dress. She chosed the trim and zipper color, too. After I was done she told me that she now looks like the princesses on one of her favorite cartoons. I think it is Mariposa but I am not sure. Well, it seems like I have a little designer on the rise. If I have time I will up load the pattern and/or how-to.
PS She wore this dress to school with a pair of jeans, a white Peter Pan long sleeve blouse under, yellow socks, and tennis shoes with lime green with a leather coat. The wake up temp was 29 degrees!

I have added the Technical Drawing to the dress. I am not a drawer, so all it is a look-at-tutorial. But it works.