Sunday, June 2, 2013

Finally, B5471


    Adverb: After a long time, typically involving difficulty or delay: "he finally arrived".

***For the purpose of this dress, I started this post 11/7/2012 with hopes of having it made for Thanksgiving. Instead, it was finished just in time for Easter ‘13. ***


     This dress was a long time coming. It is Butterick 5471.


When I first saw this pattern I knew I had to make it. I waited for Butterick to go on sale at the local Hancock Fabrics store. Well, wadaya know? They didn’t have it in stock. Or maybe that’s what they wanted their customers to believe. But me being me, and I know it’s you, too, I went through the box sitting in the corner at the end of the file cabinets. And hey, Butterick 5471 stuck her pretty little head up! I grabbed it like I had struck gold and I was the only one who knew about it. LOL


Every outfit on the pack pleased my eye. That giraffe print fabric was what had done it for me. Yeah, I know. I could have easily used pieces from other patterns, but no, that’s not what I wanted to do. I wanted this pattern and this very fabric.


The pattern is part of  Butterick’s Lifestyle Wardrobe collection that came out in 2010; labeled: Easy. Misses’ lined, loose-fit, princess-seamed, long and short sleeved jackets with side-front seam pockets! The tunic and dress with has front detail, topstitching, and back zipper. The pants are semi-fitted with darts and a mock fly. Now what I don’t understand from looking at the pack (I haven’t looked at the directions, yet.) is that if there’s a mock fly why does notions says View E, the pants, need a 7 inch zipper and a hook and eye? The line drawings doesn’t indicate a back or side zipper. It doesn’t really matter because I’m not making the pants - yet. It just sparked my curiosity.

Line view

This pattern comes in sizes AA (6-12) and EE(14-20). I chose the EE because I measured to the 14; except for that 28 in the waist. It’s easy to make the waist two inches wider.


Now this fabric. I wanted that very fabric that is shown on the envelope. Hancock carried the fabric! It was way out of my league to buy though. I usually do not pay more than $4.00 a yard for fabric. It was one their polyester prints that usually sold for $11.99 per yard. I waited and waited for this fabric to go on sale. It would go on sale; I wouldn’t have the money. It would go on sale; I’d miss the sale. This went on for about a year! Then one lovely Sunday, I aimlessly traipsed into Hancock (That was the story my hubby got; but of course he didn’t believe it.) and MY.FABRIC.WAS.ON.SALE! It was $3.49 a yard! WOO! HOO! My heals clicked, my heart skipped a beat, and I suddenly felt a rush of heat move to my throat when I saw another lady waltz her little rose garden dress wearing self over to MY fabric! “Oh, no you don’t Garden of Eden. That is MY fabric!” I said to myself. I rushed over to the table (looks like someone had just finished getting some cut for themselves), “dropped” my notepad (because I have to mark off what I want to get and mark a special mark for what was not in stock or maybe something I thought I wanted but when I saw it, I didn’t...stuff like that.) I act like my daughter dropped it and asked her if she would pick up her book. “Tell the lady excuse me”. The lady politely moved out of the way to let my unknowingly daughter get ‘her’ notebook. When she slid to the side, I knew she was going to either help my daughter or look at her like ‘awe, she’s so cute.’ was the latter. She turned, I grabbed. Yeah, it was that serious to me. That was the only bolt I saw and that meant to me it was the last. There was only 2 yards left, so I bought that. Isn’t it lovely?

Giraffe Print Polyester



The pattern called for exactly 2 yards. But with a little manipulation, one could actually have enough to make the mistake of cutting the front bodice in two instead of on the fold. Yeah, I did that! Here’s what it’s supposed to look like from the pattern layout.

said placement
Sorry for the blurriness.
This is how NOT to place your front pattern piece!
Fabric placement 2

Ok, I’ve had the dress sewn up and have worn it a couple times. It was my dress for Easter 2013. I was able to get pictures today. I need one of those doodads Erica B has. Push the button in your hands and not worry the need for a photographer!
Also, check out Sew Luva's make on this very dress. I was surprise to know that our story was very similar. I mean, I got absolutely excited about it!



I didn’t wear much of any other adornments. I wanted the dress to speak for itself. Although, I could’ve worn a simple necklace. And, I wish I could have gotten a few live shots but I don’t believe my cell would have survived the rain.

I think I am going to eventually make the jacket and pant set that’s on the envelope. Even though I do LOVE this dress, I don’t believe I’ll make another one unless I find some extraordinary fabric for it.

Love it.

Until later, Smooches and Blesses.

PS. Today was Mens Day at church and the message was from Genesis 6: 5-6, 8.

Subject: But Noah...Was Different.

Point: If want to make a difference you must be different.



Joyce in NC said...

Very pretty!

Scheryka said...

Thank you, Joyce!

Myra said...

Better ate than never! Especially something this pretty! It was definitely worth waiting for!

SarahLizSewStyle said...

It is a lovely dress - you are right, the fabric does make the dress.

Scheryka said...

Thank you, Myra! It was well worth the wait!

Scheryka said...

Sarah, thank you! I really like that print... and the dress!

Noriecreates said...

Too funny! Nice to know there are other sewists out there that resort to all kinds of antics to get the fabric and patterns we want! Your dress is fabulous and well worth the wait!

Tanya said...

Great dress, very pretty.

Scheryka said...

Norie, I wanted that fabric! Lol And thank you!

Scheryka said...

Thank you, Tanya!

GodsgirlT said...

Love this dress. I have a similar print in chiffon but such a small amount. Now I am thinking about how I can use it! You look marvelous! Okay the day's message sounds like a Good Word!

Scheryka said...

Thank you, God's Girl! You can always donate it to me! Lol You probably can do a skirt overlay? The message was good!