Friday, June 15, 2012

WTW is This!?

I’m participating in a baby clothes sew-a-long on Pattern Review. My first item(s) were the bibs and now I tried, for the first time, doing a one-piece romper with the feet. It is my muslin and will still be used because I did not waste my time on this thing! It will be used for sleep purposes only!

McCall’s 6103 is the pattern in reference.


It’s essentially an infant and preemie layette. There’s the romper, onesie, bootie, drawstring gown, pull-over t-shirt, diaper cover, cap, and a dress. I think I covered them all.

This pattern comes in sizes Preemie to Large which are measured by height and weight. I traced the Medium for later but used the Newborn for now.

It does look like the photo/drawing on the envelope. I didn’t finish it because I was not going to put the snaps on. I would much rather put those on the item that I am content with. So other than that…yes, it looks like.

Full view (muslin)

The instructions were good until I got to the leg closure part. That’s another reason why there are no snaps. I do not understand how they are to actually look with these pieces on there.

What to do with this

I like the fact that this pattern had every piece a layette consists of. I do not like the fact that it seems to take the basic way out. There are no RTW features… like the neck bindings are just a turn and stitch function instead of actually attaching a pretty little binding.

Neckline upclose 2

I used a waffle-like knit fabric that I believe is a cotton poly blend. It might be like a thermal type? I’m not 100% sure; it’s been in the stash for maybe over a year.

There were no alterations because this is my first time doing such a pattern and I wanted to get the feel of what I was doing. I did add on a flower embroider. I used a dryer sheet for the stabilizer; which have actually worked…until now.

Flower on FrontOh, there is cloud on the left side because I was playing with embroidery and made the flower too close. I took out most of the other one but what’s left was just a head ache. Another reason why this is just a muslin.

Now, things I would do differently are:

1. Add an actual binding to the neck. Oh! The directions did include a decorative elastic version, so I may try that one, too.

2. Sew the arm hems BEFORE I sew the sleeves. They are really small and did not fit over my free arm. They were a job and a half to sew with the whole thing on top, too.

3. Next time, I will use an iron-on stabilizer if I embroider on this kind or similar fabric.

Yes, I am going to sew it again with hopes getting it right this time and using those previous changes. So far I recommend if you can get the closure part right.

The only conclusion I can give right now is that it has potential.

Until I get it right, Scheryka.

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