Tuesday, June 12, 2012

…But Your Will Be Done

     (long blog)

     Life has its way of changing the course of things. Your will just may not be the will of the Lord. And we have to live with that or suffer the fact that some serious damage will occur.

      I’d sewn myself a pair of knit pants that were too big for me. So, I gave the pattern and the pants to my Sis. They were trial and error, so she can actually use them as house pants. Using a different material and actually changing up a few steps, one could yield a good pair of knit pants. The pattern just didn’t marry to me as well as I would have wanted them to and I wasn’t all too thrilled on giving them another try. So, whenever she makes them, I would love to see her version and I pray hers come out 100% better than mine! The pattern is M6514, view C or D. The blue and/or orange pair.


     I’d done some alterations to a formal dress for an associate. I say associate because I am one whom I call very few people a friend. This keeps a lot of drama out of my life. Life simplified! Easy. But anyways, I couldn’t take any photos because I have a replacement phone that doesn’t have  a camera until I get mine in the mail. And my digital camera was MIA. Ironic, though, how I found it soon after the dress was redone. I had to shorten and reshape the hem. It was a mermaid type dress (read: Dreamgirl version). I chopped off a whopping 8 inches and gave it a hi-lo effect. There was a bow at the waist that had the flaps. Long flaps. I had to remove those and leave just a simple bow. Too easy. So, it was suggested to make a shawl and matching bag. The dress was for a 14 year old and the suggestion came from her Grandmother. The kid kindly took into consideration of Granny’s suggestion and simultaneously declined the shawl; but the clutch was a go. I do have photos of the clutch. It came out very cute. I think I may make a couple for myself for special Sundays and events. I also like them for better than a basic makeup bag.

Fresh fruit and clutchFrontClutch backBack Open flapMagnetic snap.

Inside sideLittle pinch out.


Front up close

                                   Little clutch, done. Cute, huh?

     I made my daughter a purple princess dress that she had been asking for for a while now. She loves it and now she wants a pink, blue, and yellow one! Another day another dress, I guess. But I will make them because she’ll need them in this upcoming South Carolina summer heat!

(Hard to photo my 3 year old. Maybe later?)

     Lastly, I made a baby blanket and two matching burpies for another a lady’s daughter who is about to be first time Mommy. I was supposed to go to her baby shower but had pre-priorities and couldn’t make it. So it sits nicely folded, tied with a lace ribbon, placed in a gift bag with gift paper. I love it!

Baby blaket frontIt measures 3.5 X 3 Ft.

BackBottom (back) I wanted a contrasting color but didn’t want to use the traditional pink. It makes me cringe in disgust!

BurpiesMatching burpies. If they were smaller they’d look like sani pads. :/

     So, now it comes to my change in life. I will be sewing for the baby bump that is prominent and this was the first item I had sewn for it. It is a lace knit version of McCall’s 6204. It was another sew along with my Sis during the Spring break. It’s made out of cotton knit lace with some metallic going through it.


Here’s my version.

I just can’t seem to get a picture done. So, when I do, I’ll post it.

     Cute, huh? I would like to make tons of camis to go under this in every color imaginable. But the smart side of my mind said, “Girl, please! Do a black, white, and a color and be done.” So, I think that’s what’ll it be for now.

This is the second item I made.

     I have a list of items I would like to get around to but I am pretty sure that I won’t happen because I always have a list of things I WANT to sew but only get around to ONE and 1/2 of them. Other things just happen to take priority. But I had a few items that could easily be used for maternity and I bought a few more. I’ll strike them out as I go along.

     Here is what I already had:

B4807 I made these before my blog days and loved them.


M6204 I love this top and it can easily double as maternity. I wear the two I’ve already made and they are comfortable.


B4201 was made for a lady at church (pants only). We are about the same size and they came out huge. Even for a 7-8 month pregnant belly! So if I end up making this one I will NEED to go down a size maybe two.


M6111 was bought especially for this summer. So why not keep in the list? Seems to be belly room. Besides, I love the back.


B5497 Love this top! Hands down. Add a little to the length and viola!


V8581 Great choice!


M5931 Would be great and I love the drawstring effect. It would be great for breastfeeding, too.


M6031 Love it. I would love to do version E and F as a knee length dress.


M6119 In style! I would be one sexy mommy.


M6241 Nice choice.


M6118 I would do this top in a knit this time and add a removable strap for the bare shoulder side so that it would be at the least church appropriate.


V2064 Trendy top for mommy’s to be.


V1185 I love a cute romper.

V1101Tunic length and possibly in a stable knit.

V1250 Still on the fence but I think I just might break down and make this number… I want it in white since it would show the bump very good. I also have a light turquoisish/baby bluish knit.

     I bought :

M6567 and have already made it. It runs big so be careful if you are looking for a little more fitted-ness.


NL6804 Cute silhouette.

Misses Dresses

M6461 This was supposed to be a sew along with my Sis but I couldn’t get around to it. I want to do version D. Red one.

M6569 I need a bathing suit and this one is too cute. The bottom reminded me of the one Bey wore on the beach while she was pregnant. It was really cute. Views G and A. I will need straps on the top!


NL6077short sleeve versions only! Lol

Misses' Tops

NL6939 I’m in love with A and B.

Misses Tops

KS3659 Love the all black version.




NL6034 Very cute and seems to be very figure flattering for a pregnant chic.

Misses' Separates

B5736 Just to play with. Nothing fancy shmancy.


M6555 I only bought this for my lazy I-don’t-want-any-company-and-the-baby-is-acting-a-nut-and-I-have-to-clean-house-so-leave-me-alone-dress.

M6553 Fashion star and fashion me! Lurve it.

M6552 Fashion star I’m-feeling-sexy-but-still-don’t-to-be-tightly-bound-in-figure-hugging-clothes-because-I-still-have-much-needed-to-loose-baby-fat-hanging-around.

     So, there’s my list. What do you think? In the mean time, while you submit your suggestions and comments, I am gong to start on NL6804 (done) in this pretty kaleidoscope fabric from Hancocks last Spot the Bolt sale. Score $1.95 a yard, I believe.


     It is almost sheer to the point of maybe/maybe not having to line it. I hope it doesn’t have to be though because I am so not a fan of slips unless absolutely necessary and I don’t have a stash lining accept for a clingy black that I do NOT want next to my skin in the heat. I am going to make my own straps from the fabric not ribbon. I may do A straps on C dress. I’ll see which way the wind blows.

Until later, Everyone. Be blessed and never stressed, Scheryka.

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