Friday, June 8, 2012

McCall’s 6567, the Baby Bump, and the Many Turquoise Skirts

There are so many blue hues going on in the fashion world. I decided to get on board once I saw this pattern. First, I am a fan of the high-low skirt hems, the color Turquoise, and flowy fabric.
The Green version is what really caught my eye.
Check out EricaB’s Peacock Blue maxi skirt:
Here are some other Blue hues that are floating around in fashion.
blue skirt blue skirt
Anomalous Blue Skirt Ombre Blue Skirt!!electric blue skirt
All previous are taken from Pinterest.
DESCRIPTION: Misses’ skirt: very loose fitting skirts with various hem shapes, ruffles and a mock wrap version. *Easy*
As you read in the title “baby bump”. Yeah, there’s a bump and this skirt is still too loose. I read the descript and verified “very loose fitting”. I prefer it to be a tad…well a lot, tighter. I have the top tucked in so you can see how loose it is it’s falling off my rear.
Side view Semi side view
My leg looks broke. And ALL of my heals lean to the side! Ugh!
So, since it’s a stretch and I really wanted to wear it now, I took it in BY A TOTAL OF FOUR INCHES! Now it looks great and feels great. Here it is on Aloe because I haven’t had the mojo to take more photos of it on myself.
On Aloe
Under normal circumstances I would most likely tuck in the top and wear with a belt.
SIZING: XS-MED in one pack and LG to XXL in another. I made the medium and according to my taste in this type of skirt I should have made the XS.
It does look like the drawing D even though I was going for the version C but I thought the skirt would look retarded and too busy with the many ruffles and the bottom ruffle, too.
I did not use the instructions because this is just a basic straight line skirt, a hem, and an elastic waistband.
I like the shape but not the extreme looseness. I like the mock wrap version which I *plan* to make if circumstances permit.
I used a very pretty and comfortable layered ruffled knit. I don’t remember the exact description but I bought it from Hancock while I was on Spring Break in NC with my Sis. I love the color.
I don’t remember too many alterations except I put the waistband on like the MimiG tute. It didn’t work too good because I was trying to measure for future bump growth. Honestly, I should have just left it as is and let the elastic grow by itself. I left off the bottom ruffle or I could simply say I made view D instead of C. I didn’t hem the bottom because the fabric doesn’t fray and I wasn’t bothering myself with hemming around the ruffle layers. I believe that’s it. Oh, and when I redone the waistband I simply cut off the whole old one and put a new one in. I was NOT going to unpick those stitches from that material with the ruffles…um no. Here’s the old band:
Old waistband
Yeah, it’s in my plans to make this one again and the mock wrap one in the near future. But I will have to see which way the wind will be blowing at that time. Sure, I recommend. Just keep in mind that this skirt is VERY loose fitting. Really.
I also made the tank to go with it. Last seen here:
                                 My youngest sister just claimed this one a few months ago. Now I have to myself another one.                    

                                 McCall’s 5853 – minus the ruffles.
Here it is, well, kind of:
M5853   and   M5853 side seam Topstitching. The waistband doesn’t look like this anymore. The white was tacky. I forgot to change the bobbin. It is now the same color as the fabric.
Tank on AloeSorry for the wrinkles. The fabric is really great to wear and soft but it’s a pain to iron.
Ok, this is it. I am running out of blogging patience right now.
*Lesson learned… again… do not sew tired or not feeling well – ever. You’ll get less than acceptable results.*
Until, another time. Stay blessed and not stressed, Scheryka.


Myra said...

I really like the skirt and the fabric!! I agree with you, I like mine a little more fitted too! That truly is a great fabric...I didn't see the ruffles until I enlarged the photo! I also didn't know you were pregnant...CONGRATULATIONS!!

Scheryka said...

Thank you and thank you! I made 6 months yesterday.

MAD14kt said...

Nice skirt! WOW...CONGRATS you don't look like you are 6 months. Carrying it well :) At least you are able to make yourself many FASHIONABLE garments :)

Scheryka said...

Thanks! I wasn't 6 when I took these photos. And yes, to the fashionable garments bc I would dread wearing moo moos and those hidious jumpers! Lol