Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Every Baby NEEDS Baby Bibs

What is a need?

A need is something that one can not do without. For a baby that would include diapers, milk (of some kind), blankets, etc…, and bibs. Bibs are for dribs. And every baby dribble and slob, and spit up. It sometimes get to projectile shooting. That’s when you throw all the bibs out the window and just grab a garbage bag. Just kidding.

I was browsing the net and found some really cute bib patterns. I refuse to buy a pattern since I have some that were not given away or donated. I could use those as templates and make my own design. Right? Right. That’s called frugality. My definition? The reality of being frugal.

I happened upon more than a few sites that had some really cute (and some not so cute) bib ideas. Here are some of the bibs that caught my eye.

VoilaFrom Nested

From the PaperSeed

How cute are these? Very cute. I love Paisley and Butterflies! Taken from Creativekismet by Regina Lord.

DSC_0008 Taken from Goingsewcrazy.

Looking through these websites and others, I remembered I have TONS of scraps from previous projects. But, in particular, the blocked bib three photos up (the one with the strawberries and dot), made me remember about some fabric I had bought a WHILE back from a store on Etsy. I said fabric but when I got them, I saw scraps! They are actually leftover saree fabrics. And when I say left over, I mean the sewist made a saree, used the leftover for a sleeve cuff or two, then made some fabric necklaces, wiped his (I say ‘his’ because it was a man that I’d them bought them from.) behind, and then sold me what was left! Or I bought what was left…

Don’t misunderstand me, the fabric (read: scraps) are beautiful pieces. I just wish there were more (much more) to them. But, I figured I could sew the scraps together and make a blocked bib or two. Here are the fabric scraps.

Scraps frontfront

                               backScraps back

I don’t know how many I will be able to get out of them. Probably one front and back or 2 if I make the back out of terry or something.

In the mean time, here are some that I had made while procrastinating on the scrap-blocked bib(s).

I used a bib that I had saved for one of older girls as a template. Template

I traced it onto the fabric at first

Template on fabric

Template cut out

because I wasn’t thinking to just tape two sheets of paper together to get a bigger size. Duh.

Paper template

But once I came to my senses and done so, I cut a few different fabrics that was in the stash.

Next up

I played around with bias.


After I got a little feel of what I was doing, I finished each one just a bit different. The main difference is either the bias trim or sew and turn. Here are the finished bibs.

All done

Just a little closer:

A little closer and

A little closer 2

Until the next project before my mojo get up and go without me.


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