Friday, October 19, 2012

The Mermaid Dress? (McCalls 6271)

     I b-back! (In my Mario voice)

      This dress has been in request from my daughter since April and I finally got around to putting it together. Since life has its way of throwing curve balls (because your way is not God’s will), I have been out of commission for a hot minute. But, hey, I’m shattered, but I’m not broken and certainly not dead. So that, in itself, is something to thank God for. How-be-ever, the Mermaid Dress has evolved from being a dress-up costume to becoming McCalls 6271.

                             2012-09-21 McCalls 6271

     Nii saw the pattern in my stash and said it was the Mermaid dress she was talking about. Well, um, ok. And so it came to pass. I grabbed the pattern,

Description: Lola Lou Easy; Children’s/Girls’ Pullover Halter Top and Dress, and Shorts. The top and dress is self lined with an elastic back. There are no buttons and no zipper. (So Evoni, you CAN do this!)

     The sizes are 2 to 8. I made the five and ummm, let us just say Nii is 3 and a 1/2 and she will NOT be wearing it come Spring. She is really tall for her age and her weight is right along with it! But had I made the 5 for a five year old, I’d say it’s true to size.

     I took out the stash boxes upon boxes of fabric and she chose a fabric I was saving for a maxi. Darn. But, hey, she’s one of my munchkins and I’d do anything for her - except help send her to hell. This is the fabric.

Fabric: It’s like a slightly stretch poplin. I don’t know. Woven? Feel good though.


     I sent a picture to my sister and she kindly said to take another shot because that one wasn’t cutting. Well, actually, the first thing she texted back was “curtains?” I refolded the fabric and sent her this shot:

                            2012-09-18fabric shot 2

     Then, how ‘bout Lil Sista had the nerves to tell me it was still ugly?! But listen, she was the one who chose it for me to make my maxi! Uh huh, have me looking like walking custom-made drapery from Grandma’s house! I still like it though I won’t make a maxi, I’ll just do a simple pencil skirt. That’ll be better. At least I’ll look like tailored drapery. Lol is that possible? Tailored drapes? Prob not. But oh, well.

     This is the contrast Chenii chose. Dang, another save I had in the stash! I guess she said she’ll use it since I hadn’t.

2012-09-18 contrast

                                             2012-09-18 contrast 2

It’s a stretch poplin. I still had the sticky on it.

     The instructions were right on point. Nothing to decipher and nothing left out. No head scratching or brow pulling. I am still sane. Don’t let the lines intimidate you. This dress is awesomely easy! The most time consuming part are the gathers where you have to gather the top and bottom portions of the skirt and lining.

     Here a two work in progress pictures.

2012-09-21wip 1several pins to hold up the bubble. She’d better listen and keep still! LOL

2012-09-21wip2close up of the bodice.

     I made no adjustments or design changes. It’s made right out of the bag.

I certainly recommend this for anyone who wants the look of a time consuming project. Like they spent hours on it. But in actuality spent an evening. I would like to make it again, but if I don’t, there are several other patterns in the stash to choose from.

     Here are the final shots. I don’t know why she wanted those socks and no shoes but hey, that’s her fashion.

Side front                                                                                                             Back

Front posing

                                              Front sitting

That is all for now. I have several reviews to post but time is not on my side. They’ll squeeze themselves in some how.

     Until later, Peace and Hair grease. Turtle Wax and Pressing Dax. LOL Bye ya’ll.


Candice said...

Your little lady looks adorable!

marysews said...

Your daughter is so cute! and her dress is nice, too!

Faye Lewis said...

Beautiful dress and daughter!

Anonymous said...

Glad to "see" you again!!! And Nii is such a beautiful "mermaid"! And socks... Well, isn't she the one that used to refuse to have photographs of her taken? I'd say I'll take the socks just to see that cute little smile!!!

Karin said...

It's a fantasy of a dress for a little girl! She looks gorgeous! And you can tell from her smile that she feel great in it, too.

Scheryka said...

Thank you, Candice, Marysews, and Faye Lewis! She is something else! Lol

Scheryka said...

Hi, Masha! Same here! It's been quite a break! Yes, this is the little one who despised photos. I'll take the socks too. ;) Oh, by the way she wore this dress three days in a row! :/

Scheryka said...

Karin, thank you! Yes, her own little fantasy and I am not going to destroy that! She loves her dress and tells everyone about it!

GodsgirlT said...

Welcome back! The girl has got good taste! She looks adoreable in her new dress. Love how u brought out the pink in the dress with the contrasting details! Nice job!

Scheryka said...

Hi, Thank you, GodsGirl! Yes, she has great taste. Lol Thank you.

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