Saturday, October 27, 2012

Ra- Ra- Rasputin (Burda 7381)

My son is SO skinny! It is hard to find pants that fit his 28 waist. And he is tall. I see now that elastic may just become one of his friends until I become confident enough to make a more tailored pair of pants for men. I tried to experiment on my husband but he wasn’t having it. Lol I find it kind of hard to certain garments for men - especially the picky ones in my life.

Burda patterns are said to be good patterns. I have quite a few of them and just had not the time to put any together until now.



Bradley saw this pattern while I was shopping one of Hancock’s famous sales. It was my first time even seeing these patterns on sale. (I have a few I had already bought off Ebay.) I do remember about five years ago I had asked the sales lady if they sold Burda’s here and she told me they had stopped a while back and didn’t know if they would start again. I had been stationed in Germany and fell in love with Burda, but I didn’t know the language that well and decided it really wasn’t worth paying that much for a pattern only to sew it blindly. But, whadaya’ know? Let there be Burda!


The description on the pattern pack says: Burda Young; Shorts; semi-fitted


And it fits US sizes 34 to 46. I cut the smallest -34. I really thought this was going to be huge on him. IT WAS NOT! Granted it’s a tad bit but not a whole lot like I thought it would be. I think it’s also because I did not do the elastic like the pattern calls. I did my own way.


He had originally asked for View B, the pair with the cargo pockets. Then he changed to wanting the pair the huge side patch pockets. Then went to wanting ALL the pockets on one pair! Naw, Buddy.


I used a medium weight khaki twill that I’d bought for $1.99 a yard from Hancock a WHILE ago. Another stash buster item. I still about 4 more yards left. What else can I make? Not sure, but I did run across Simplicity 2648. I may just redo this one again. Here’s the first go around. I love LOVE it. The Anniversary Dress 2010.

I lengthened the legs into pant length and inserted my elastic differently. These were the only two pattern deviations that I’d done.

I love that this pattern is really simple and easy to make. There is no fly opening. You just pulled them on and off.

It’s kind of hard to get my boys to take photos so I am happy to deal with the ones I have.

2012-10-06 CrispersI put a good good crease in these pants.

2012-10-06 Ra Ra RasputinHe looks like Rasputin to me in this shot.

2012-10-06 Island VacationHe said he had swag....

2012-10-06 Thinking ManNow he says he’s the Thinking Man.


Now back to the Rasputin shot. It was derived from the Wii game Just Dance 2.

I love to see my son do that dance. Lol. I think he looks like him in this pose. So, here’s to you Rasputin. I wish I could sneak a video of Bradley doing it. But since he hasn’t let that happen, here’s what you get.

Until the next project. I think I have three more. Fish sticks and potato wedges. Chow.


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