Monday, December 31, 2012

Holiday Bolero

Another project to post before the end of a good year and the beginning of an even better one. We had our Christmas program on the 23rd and I decided that I wanted to wear a skirt I had made previously. It is from my TNT and I’ve made it several times until I just don’t bother to review or post it.

The pattern I am blogging about is S2478. S2478

There are nine different styles that you can get from this pattern. Even more if you are creative. I chose to make the Red one that the model is wearing. I didn’t have time to wear it with the sleeve ruffles because, me being who I am, I put the tucks in before the hem. It took sooo long to go back in and hem a piece that have a hundred million tucks in it.

Front on dressform

The front without the sleeves. it looks just fine like it is but I wanted the look with the sleeves.

I used a Red moleskin fabric from the stash. It is thick enough not to require a lining and it feels delicious to the skin. I first fell in love with moleskin when I made my Anniversary Dress a while back. It has a slight stretch that gives just that perfect fit.

Back on dressform


The back and side front.

I cut on the 14 but really really could have done the 12. Maybe make it a 10/12. It is not lined but if I made it again, I will surely line it. My inside doesn’t look all that hot because usually I would have serged the raw edges but my serger is broken. So to keep the inside edges maintainable I topstitched catching the allowance, then trimmed away the access.

I made no alterations or design changes. I did put it together a little different than the directions because of time restraints caused by human error. I love everything about the bolero except it could have been lined. The tucks make it seem sexy and depending on the type of fabric chosen it can be made casual out of denim to elegant if made out of satin.

Here is how I styled it after I put on the rest of the sleeves.

Front closeup

Full front with cream lace top

With cream lace top

Lace top no jacket

It was windy when I took the photos. The cream lace tank was last seen here.

I don’t have photo’s of me wearing it but here is how I wore it to service.

How I wore it

With shimmer black tank

Black tank no jacket

Full back

I can tell I will get some wear out of this outfit because it can be mixed and matched in several different ways. So, until next time, peace All.


Karin said...

The ruffles look pretty fabulous! Have a Happy New Year!

Me! said...

Beautiful outfit

Scheryka said...

Thank you Karin and Me! Lol My New Year will maaaavulus! I am claiming it.

Myra said...

That is a gorgeous top.