Monday, December 3, 2012

Copy Cat? Maybe so.

My husband bought me this dress for this past Mother’s Day. I was pregnant and needed some comfortable clothes to wear for church. We went to several places then ended up at Burke’s. I had not been to that store for a while. I found this dress after picking up something then putting it down. Then looking at this item and frowning my nose only to eventually go back to it. I did finally pick this dress.


I’m not pregnant in this picture. Baby was actually four weeks old. I like this dress because I can wear it post pregnant.

I wanted another dress like it but never went back to Burke’s because it’s about a 45 min drive. So, I remembered I had some very nice and soft fabric in the stash that felt exactly like the dress. It’s polyester and lycra. Very flowy and slippery. I went through my pattern stash and found New Look 6782.


View A without the braid or View B sans the belt fit the bill. I just lengthened it by about 6 inches. The instructions were very easy to follow. I am trying to remember because it has been a minute since I‘d sewn it. I don’t remember referencing them except only to do the hemming of the ‘sleeves’. I made size 14 and serged off a lot. In retrospect, I should have made the 12. I could have easily fit into since I had only gained 10 whole pounds! It’s now that I am gaining weight!


I made one change to the pattern to try and make it similar to the original one. On the picture above, I cut a seam across the back just like the original.

Here are a few more photos:

2012-09-12_11-11-54_314Back: full length

2012-09-12_11-11-31_516Front bodice

2012-09-12_11-11-22_118Front: full length

I tried NOT to get heart on my boobies but no matter how I turned the fabric, I had gotten the hearts, only turned in a different direction. And I still got this effect.

The skirt portion is not hemmed. I liked it this way. It is actually the selvage. I can’t give a full review until I make it according.  

2012-09-12_21-14-01_321                       2012-09-12_21-16-01_193

I don’t like the way there is much skin showing by the breast. I think I know how to fix that for next time.  I just simply don’t cut that dip as deep? Chime in and let me know.


That’s all except I won’t try the blow out look with a perm again!

Until next time,



Me! said...

I think you did a wonderful job on this dress. It looks professionally made and is very flattering.

Tanya said...

Great knock off, I love your version. lol on the perm, been there done that.

Myra said...

Great job! I love your fabric too! I have this pattern and never made it yet. It didn't appear to be too low in the front as most wrap bodices are! Was it?

Scheryka said...

Thank you, Me!
Thanks, Tanya. And no more blowouts for me! I think I may actually go back natural.
Myra, yes it was a bit low. If you look closely at my bodice, I have it crossed a bit tight. That's why it's closed a bit.