Sunday, December 30, 2012

Delicate Little Giraffe

New Look (Workroom from Project Runway) 6097

This dress is SUPERB! I am late to jump on the band wagon but I am on it because I truly love this dress. I had bought it once then I couldn’t find it. So, I set out to buy it again. But glory behold, no soon as I got home and put the bag on the table... I found my pattern under some fabric I had cut out for another project. I saved it for my sister since she was going to buy the pattern anyways. Now, when she actually gets the pattern is another story all in itself.


Description:  12 pieces; Misses’ seven sizes in one. I’d say one of the sexiest surplice top dress with sleeve and collar variations that is easy peasy to put together and wear.

Sizes:  It’s a New Look so it comes in size range 10-22 US; 38-50 French; and 36-48 European. I made size 14/16. I usually make the 12 but since I’ve had a baby I had to make some changes. Those changes were supposed to be a 14 in the back and a 16 in the front because I have become ‘busty’. Instead I made the mistake of doing a 14 in the front and 16 in a the back. It worked out somehow.

This dress looks just like the drawing and photos. With my fabric choice, I think it may look better.



Instructions: The instructions were so easy. The very beginner should be able to do this. Make sure you read instructions, make accurate marks, and go for it. For the seasoned sewist: close your eyes and go for it. It’s that easy.

THERE IS NOTHING THAT I DO NOT LIKE ABOUT THIS PATTERN. I LOVE EVERYTHIKNG ABOUT IT. Did I holler? Well, I mean what I said. I love it all. From the pockets to the interfaced collar to the on-point chest coverage. Oh yeah, and speaking of pockets; I love the one-piece pocket construction. I have never seen it this way before and it was EASY.

Bodice Upclose

Fabric: I used this lovely ITY fabric from the stash that I ‘d bought a while ago from I love the feel of this fabric. It just glides and slides across the body. It’s not clingy at all. It has one of the nicest drape to it that I’ve seen from the more luxurious fabrics.

Alterations and Changes:  Aside from what I’ve mentioned before, I interfaced only the bottom collar. I also interfaced the rolled part of the sleeve because I wanted it to have a little structure and not fall flimsy.

Sleeve Fit

Before I could decide on my buttons.


Back Dressform

I haven’t taken any pictures with me wearing it. I am promising to either. I know how that story goes all too well with me. So, if I happen to take some, I’ll happen to post some.

Until laters, Peace and Hair grease.

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