Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas Crunch

I wasn’t going to attend our Mount Pleasant Annual Christmas Banquet this year. Financially, I just wasn’t able. So, I got a call on Monday morning and the caller told me that someone decided not to go and donated their tickets back. She said she was told to give them to another church member. I was the lucky recipient. Yay! But hold on. Wait a minute. We (me and the girls) didn’t have a thing to wear. My thoughts went into crunch mode. What in the world were we going to wear? I went to the stash to see what I had in both fabric and patterns that was easy and preferably that I’d made before already. For my 3 year old, I pulled out Simplicity 4337.

Simplicity 4337

This is going to be a quick and easy review. I have made this before. It’s been a while. I made it for my niece in Lavender about 5 years ago and I don’t have any photos of it. it greatly resembled the Lavender one the little girl is modeling. Only difference in the two was that the dress I made had an all over sheer chiffon-like lace. I did use the instructions because I have put together many dresses so I pretty much know my ins and outs of a quick fix.

I made the size six for my three year old. Yes, you read that right. And to be honest, it is on it’s last leg of wear. She is tall and heaft...I mean, healthy.

I believe had I used the same fabrics, yes, it really would have looked like the photos and or drawings, but since I used a beautiful Black and White polka dot flocked organza that I’d stumbled upon while I should not have been in Hancock in NC.

048 Second fitting for the waist.

it looks much better. Winking smile It was a steal, too. I ‘d gotten if for $2.95 a yard with an extra $1.00 off. For $1.95, not bad. I should have gotten more of it but I failed to listen to that inner she devil that was pulling at my thoughts to clean the bolt. Darn, sometimes it’s worth the she devil because I sooo see me making myself a high-waist pencil skirt out of that fabric. But, oh well, if I run into it again, I’ll be sure to grab it. I hope it’ll be on sale.

047  Not quite done.

I originally had sleeves cut out and ready go but the way  I’d done the bodice it would have taken up too much time to put them in. So, I left them off. They are still ready to be put onto something. Something maybe black, white, or red.

I don’t believe I would make it again because it is an old pattern and I have made it already twice. There are so many other girly patterns I want to give a try. But, I do recommend it to others to try. The only photos I have is of my daughter wearing it while at the Christmas B0anquet.

A few more photos:


051The bolero is from another pattern I made a year ago for my oldest daughter.


The other outfit I made in a crunch for the Banquet was New Look  6130. I made it out of a Leopard print pointe I’d gotten on sale from Hancock’s. I love the way this fabric feel. It was on sale, too, by mistake. The bolt was marked 80% off when in reality it was 30 or 40% off. I can’t remember exactly which one. but I got it for what it was marked. I made the coordinate pattern into a dress with a detachable peplum. I made the top C sans the peplum part; attached the skirt E to the top then made the peplum separately with a band and two snaps for closure. Too cute. I have since sold the dress and will make me another day.

053                                         056     057


That’s all for now. I have a few more things I need to photograph before the New Year and bring 2012 to a close.

Until I erase the camera and bring you more cheer,

Peace, Love, and contagious Joy.


Myra said...

Cute dress for your daughter, so very adorable! The dress you sold was a knockout! You definitely have to make another for yourself!

Scheryka said...

Thank you Myra! I am definitely going to remake myself one!

GodsgirlT said...

You came up with two fabulous pieces "in a crunch". Very impressive and nicely done!

Scheryka said...

Thank you, God's Girl! They were literally fresh off the sm and onto the body!