Saturday, October 9, 2010

LBD 2010

I am participating in the LBD contest on Pattern Review. This is my second time doing this contest. This is the dress I made for the contest last year. This is what became of that pattern. I did not win, but the Selfish Seamstress did. She done an awesome job, too.

Now, on to new heights and new fights. I am not going to do one dress....I'm doing two. Yeapper. I am going to make the front of this dress:

And morph it with the back of this dress:

It wasn't a hard journey. The lines are about the same and the length of the shorter dress just about coincides with the length of the first dress. They were off by only about an inch. I simply lined the waists with each other and made the shorted dress longer at the hem area since I didn't want to mess with cutting and splicing my paper pattern. It would not have made a difference on how I lengthened it with this patten anyhows.

I have few pictures for you to view. The dress is not finished, yet and as of right now, I have four more days to get it done. I would have had it done but due to class and finals, I had to put my priorities in order. These are without the lining.

The next pictures are with the lining done and attached. I attached the lining so that the wrong side of both, the fashion fabric and lining, are together. This gives a much cleaner finish for the inside and having to add extra steps such as the HK (Honk Kong) finish or binding the seams off.

I love the lining. The next few pictures are of the back, side, and some seams that need to be clipped so that the turn will be smooth and clean.

This last picture is where I am trying to decide where to put my straps. I had to cut them out twice. The first set got ambushed by my 1 year old! So, once I get them sewn up, they will be smaller than what you see here and they will be more defined and precised.

The LBD is done! Here are the finish product to this great staple that every woman should have. The LBD should be able to take you from work, to the grocery store or playground, then to a nice dinner or dinner party. I think this dress fit the bill properly.  

These are the second set of everyday wear pictures. These are the first:

The second criteria for the contest is that the LBD be suitable for the night life. This is my dinner look:

Then there should be a plain unadorned look. Here it is:

Close up of the back.

Well this is my LBD 2010 debut. I hope (know) you like. 
Until the next blog, Schey and Aloe (the dress form) 


Carla(LoverofWords) said...

it's cute I like it... so where are you gonna wear it?

ScheyF. said...

I plan to wear it to my church Christmas party. I hope to make a shawl or something of the type to cover the back...if only for a little modesty. I wouldn't cover the back if I weren't wearing to church though. Maybe, I'll incorporate a bit of shimmer silver.

Myra said...

Really cute!! I like the combination of the two looks together! Great job and a very nice LBD!!!

Heidi said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog :). I like this dress alot, everyone needs a "little black dress". The back is especially cool!

Adrienne said...

Very cute!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful union of 2 designs! Great look.