Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Beautiful Blogger Award

Thank you so much Heather @ Sewing on Pins for nominating me for a Beautiful Blogger Award. I am so happy and smiling so wide I think my smile is making my daughter smile too...and she in the bed sleep! Can you say contagious? My first award nomination in sewing - Wow.

If I am understanding I am to write about ten things that you don't know about me. Hmmmm, this could be easy or hard depending on how it's approached. I can approach it with a chemical equation that would surely cause a migraine onset that would probably last for about a week. Or I can just simply dive into the pool, get my hair wet and to hair dresser. Well, either way, I'm gonna do it - migraine, nappy hair, or not.

#1. I think this one is a chemical equation strategic post - I am currently looking for a job in Health care Management so that my BS in Management/ Health care would not be in vane nor expensive for nothing.

#2. I'm diving in the pool and doing it easy on this one. I learned sewing from my Mom. I would sit and watch her while she would sew. The first time I realized I had the niche was when my Mom was confused on how to set in a panel on a skirt back that had pleats. I lined it up and it came out just right..and even.

#3. This one is neither strategic nor pool diving, just plain on true and to the point. I love God. See I told you so.

#4. I love cooking but I just learned how to BBQ on a grill about a year ago. The first thing I grilled were hot dogs. They literally blew up on the grill! Now, thanks to my Husband (who would BBQ every day of the week if he could) and my Dad (who gave me some BBQ WOWs [BBQ Words of Wisdom]), I can grill. And if I may brag on myself for a second, I do it pretty well.

#5. I love shoes, but what woman doesn't, right?

#6. Like another blogger mentioned, I am allergic to fresh fruit. I am also allergic to seafood. Both make me itch and seafood makes me swell. Benedryl is my friend because I still eat 'em. Sometimes, I start to look like Martin Lawrence or the Nutty Professor. I allergic to water. True stuff, when I drink water, my pipes rust! Oh yeah, I developed a new allergy as of 01/01/10, RTW.

#7. I love Pepsi. I even have it as my background picture for my laptop. I love McDs sweet tea.

#8. I use fake flowers as plants because ALL of my plants die way too soon.

#9. One thing I find amusing is when people tell me I am mean. So I am letting you all faithful readers know, I AM NOT MEAN! Ok, I didn't mean to holler at you but really. I am not. Sounds like I have a mild case of turrets, huh?

#10. As I am typing this out, it is my birthday, and one thing on my wish list is: I would to have the Twinkle Sews Book! Now you know this too. ;)

Thanks to all who have now learned some new things about me. I am glad you took the time to learn that I am the nicest Pepsi lover with many pairs of shoes; who is looking for a health care management job in Greenville, SC and I decorate with fake flowers, use Benedryl to slow the allergic reaction to fruit and seafood because I just learned how to grill and BBQ well after I made my Mom proud to know that I was going to sew just like her and I am going to show her with phenomenal projects from Twinkle Sews all because I love God.

Now it time to pass the Hot Potato and put a few more great and beautiful person's on the Totem's Stool of recognition. I would like to pass the award to,, and ladies you're it.

Come back later to see the pictures. I was rushing to get this done because I wanted to post it on my birthday but missed by a day.

Thanks again, Heather, you made my day.

Until later, Schey.

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Heather said...

I'm glad you enjoyed the award! You're joy over it has made ME smile! :D

I really enjoyed your fact about keeping fake plants and flowers around, it made me laugh. Good luck with the job hunt!

I don't think there's an actual button, but I think if you save the picture (like from my own post) onto your computer, you could probably upload it as a picture on your side bar through the design part of the dashboard. I haven't tried it yet, but that might work.