Thursday, September 2, 2010

Brad's Newsboy Cap

I tried my hand at this free program named Wild Ginger. It was a long time coming, I just kept putting it off so that other things can be done. My youngest son asked me one day if I would make him a hat. "Ok". So a week went by then he asked again. "Ok, gotta get some things done". About another a week or so went by and again he'd asked. "If you keep asking you won't get it". So, then I decided to drop what I was doing and sew up a cap for this so very patient son of mine. Literally, i dropped everything! My PEPSI! Oh boy, my Pepsi.

At first the cap turned out looking like Dr. Suess's hat that he wears. Just not striped and it had sord of a rounded point thing going on at the top. I really wish I had taken a photo of this hideous work I thought I called art. But being so anxious to get this thing right, I kept working. Not to mention, I had already put him off for while. So, I made the decision to keep going...I mean keep sewing.

After a while I got it to a workable newsboy cap. I had to shorten the length of the panels by far. I didn't take the cap a loose to do it. What I did was cut that eyesore of a point off. The length was about an inch and a half. Then I had sewn the panels just a tad bit deeper so that the hole at the top would close up again. Now, I was starting to see this cap that I had so intended to sew from the beginning.

I won't make you wait for the debut any longer. So, here you are.
I present to you Bradley and the Newsboy Cap:

    You go boy!
Until later, Schey


AnaJan said...

Lovely hat and a beautiful boy! Nice work, Schey!

Eve said...

That's a very good looking hat on your handsome son. I love the shape of it, well done you :D

Scheryka Sews 41 said...

Thank you AnaJan and Eve. This was a long time coming because he would not let me rest until it was done. I can't wait to get mine done. ;)