Monday, September 20, 2010

A Libra's World Is Never Balanced

I promise, there is not enough hours in a day for a seamstress. You would think it would so easy to figure out what you wanna sew, right? Wrong. I spent this morning figuring out what all I may need to sew for the month of September. Of course all of them will not get sewn because of one reason or another. Trying to balance the life of a Mother, a professional student, a referee with experience, a chef and fast food cook, a sanitation engineer, and the submissive virtuous wife when all the prior faces of my life does not take presidence. Wow, is that the job analysis of a Domestititian? Anyhow, this is my life in the scope a magnifying glass right now. In the midst of all this, I want to SEW! (wining and crying in the most spoilest voice I can conjur.) So these are the items in question for the month of September. 

  It's my birth month and I want to make something that will comfortable with a bit of modest sexiness embedded in the outfit. So, top A (the Turquoise one) is my choice with this zebra print fabric.

There were other items on the list but it seems like everytime I plan my plan says no. Sew as I sew, then we'll know. But here are some things that are in line either now or later.
Planned as part of another dress for the LBD competition on Pattern Review.

Was supposed to be sewn for this coming Sunday, but umm it didn't make it. Maybe sometimes later this week.

This is a bolero I plan to knock off. Omg! Isn't this amazing?

This is for my hubbies welcome home. Yeah Baby!

Sew, hopefully things would go well. We'll see.
Until Later.

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Carla(LoverofWords) said...

Alright missy.. Nice options