Sunday, January 5, 2014

Vogue 8576

Devine details? Well that’s what Vogue think of this pattern. I did, too, when I first bought it. I was drawn to the triangular shapes and the cap sleeves, and those two little points at the front neckline.

This pattern has 30 pieces TIMES 2. Well, I’ll be honest. I didn’t line mine so it’s just 30 pieces. And I don’t even know if the skirt portion is lined. I wanted to dive in this project and jump right back out because I really just wasn’t ready to tackle a pattern with so many pieces.

The pattern calls for a zipper and it’s been omitted because I used a knit and since my serger is still broken and I can’t really sew my knits like I want to.

I cut the cute little points off because I didn’t line the dress, therefore I didn’t interface that part because I didn’t want it to be just hanging in the inside. I made the hem line a slight hi-lo. I really liked it too.

Honestly, I lost interest in this dress when I couldn’t get the goddets to set right in the skirt. I wasn’t going to waste my fabric and time cutting for nothing. So, this wadder will be an errand-to-the-store-dress-because-I-need-to-buy-cleaning-supplies-for-the-house.. And then I might just clean the house in it.

Here are the photos I have taken so far:

Front                                     Back

Front close                                             Back close

Horrific Goddet

Horrific Goddet! Ironing won’t even begin to set it better! Yuk! Just Ugh!

Sadly, I will finish the neckline, sleeve hem and call it a wrap. Maybe I’ll sleep in it. I have no plans to sew this one again. That’s what happens when you dive in and jump out. Sorry.

Until later. Sad smile

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Sarah Liz said...

Hi Scheryka. It happens to all of us. I just put something in the wadder bin too - I haven't blogged it yet. It's called learning (or something maybe less positive, depending on your mood). I certainly empathise with you :)