Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Orange Python

Trying to calm my nerves because the move hasn’t gone as planned, I set out to make myself happy and calibrate my emotions since a LOT has happened from the time I posted my last creation. To the stash I dashed! Stash fabric and stash patterns. What did I come up with?



Palmer Pletsch for McCall’s 6440 and 6441. A pant and jacket duo that I’ve had for a while. I’ve been wanting a pair of some wild animal Made By Me printed pant for some time now. So, what better time is the present? I dashed to the fabric. Well, I kind of unpacked a few boxes to find what I was looking for. A great marriage, if you ask me.

After I’d made the pants, I didn’t want to make the jacket. I wanted something instant. So, I revisited the peplum top by New Look 6130. The first version was not reviewed nor worn yet because I am waiting for my mind to let me vividly print mix. I want a leopard pant to mix with the polka dots.

The polka peplum:


I had some orange, kind of not orange, broadcloth in the stash that was bought for a button down and was never made because, well, honestly, I am scared to death to make a button down! There, I said it. I’ve made pants, trousers, jeans, jackets, coats, tops, panties, hats. You name it. But I am scared to sew a button down blouse.

Here’s the second version of the New Look peplum:


It is very easy to make and goes together quite quick and used just under 2 yards. I modified the back of the peplum because I wanted the back to be longer than the front. The front comes to a silent point that I didn’t notice I started sewing. But I like it so it stays. I also used a white invisible zipper because it was in the stash and I kept it a bit exposed.


The pants were VERY easy and Palmer always, ALWAYS, have fitting instructions along with the construction which makes it seems like a heck of a lot. It really isn’t and it’s WELL worth the hassle.

I made view C with side slit, sans the front waistband invisible zipper pocket. I didn’t want that pocket and prefer to have side seam pockets. AND since the zipper is in the side seam and I’d forgotten to move it to the back, I have no pocket. I will if I make them again, though.

The other versions are with plain legs, side invisible zipper leg, and the wide cuff leg. The same is for the arms of the jacket on the other pattern. I cut the 14 and with all the intakes, I could have cut on the 12 and sewn with a smaller allowance. But I’ll keep like this because it’s not so bad, does not look bad at all, and if I gain a couple pounds they will still fit nice.


I used a python print. I don’t know the content. But it has a kind of sheen over print in irregular shaped dots that makes it look semi-shiny in some areas. It’s a little stretchy, not much though. I used 2 1/2 yards and had 4 total. I still want the jacket but do not have enough fabric, so I may do a color block style with black.

I had to do some errands today and wore my new outfit with much grace and confidence. Like?

IMG_0925My bag doesn’t match nor coordinate. But it’s the closest I have since most are packed.


IMG_0926Shoes are from Avon. They are one reason I was ok with the white exposed zipper.



The pant, front and back, without the top in the way. Also, I have no gaposis. I’ve mastered that skill but can’t instruct how to do it at all! :/


Until my next project that’s been sewn up and worn. I just need to right time to take those photos.

Bye bye! Come and see me again, soon,


~~~~~Hugs and Hugs!

I forgot to post my Pin-speration so I am adding it here:

Tailored, Sophisticated: White + Animal Print


J said...

So freakin' cutie!!

SarahLizSewStyle said...

That top does look nice with those pants - I've seen it a lot now, and have resisted - but I love your idea of the longer peplum at the back.

The pants are great - I saw that pattern the other day and nearly bought it. I think I will now - just for the instructions. They look great on you.

Moving is so not fun - I'm not surprised you needed some serious stash therapy - just as well you had one, so you could quick fix the need. I guess that is why we stash - for those time.

Scheryka said...

Thank you, Sarah! The instructions were great! Lengthy but well worth it!

Myra said...

Very , very nice top and pants! I love the colors! I must be blind!...When did you go natural? I love that too! Just gorgeous on you!

Scheryka said...

Hi, Myra! I'm so late but I'm here. Thank you! This is my second time around going natural. The girls thought I'd gone crazy when I cut my hair off - AGAIN. Lol