Tuesday, July 12, 2011

McCall’s 6318 Done!

OH – MY – GOODNESS I am done! This dress has been a long time coming. Here is the start of things! (And I do recommend you start there) This is what happened in between time and no time at all.

I started to hand finish the side fronts – that has princess seams. But instead, every time I have time to do it, it turns that I had no time really. So, anxiously trying to get this bad baby RTW, I stitched in the ditch it with the sewing making sure sure I caught only an edge of the lining inside. Here is how it looks:

Inside out with made facing and semi lining     Bodice closer of inside

Remember, I had ran out of lining (actually I messed up and had no more. And the kiddy got hold of some. Of course that one was a total loss.)So, I got stuck making a facing out of the fashion fabric and it turned out really well. I still have to finish off the seams for the straps. I plan on doing a blind stitch by hand. That won’t take no time at all. Excuse the response but I can do that ‘in the bathroom’ Winking smile. lol

Closer of facing and need finishing

The finished product…minus the hem…is so cute.

Front with lining and no hem

Pattern Description:
Labeled: Easy. Also: Misses' lined dresses; close-fitting, straight dress has side seam pockets. I worked View A.
Pattern Sizing:
AA (6-12) and D5 (12-20). I made the 14.

Close bodice shot

Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done sewing with it?
It started looking like the photo early on in the construction. Had I made view C, it would have been darn near exact!
Were the instructions easy to follow?
So far the instructions are very easy. I am writing this review as I go because I tend to forget my victories and struggles once I am done and am enjoying the results.
The instructions were pretty easy for a someone who has been sewing. It's even labeled easy. If you are a beginner just be sure to read thorough and look at the diagrams well.

I was so ready to get done with this dress and now I can’t decide on shoes! I have my most favorite black pair with the bow in the back. My husband says they make me look like granny. He said the same thing about the yellow pair. Ok, me personally, I like a cute red pair. He said, “Wth!?'” lol  But, of course from the male perspective who thinks blue workpants and steel toe boots is all the rage, what do I expect? lol

What do you all think? Which pair? 

Black:Black shoe     Lovely.

Yellow:Yellow Shoe  Cute.

White:White shoe  Too busy for the pattern.

Red:Red shoe Maybe in a classic red.

                                  But I like it!

PooPoo Green:PooPoo green shoe I love this one!

Here is a shot from the back and semi-back.

Back                Semi back

What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern?
I like the lines of the front bodice. So far there is nothing to dislike. Well, I take that back. There is a pleat right at the pivot point of the side-front bodice and the front skirt pieces. That took a hot minute to get it right and it's still not perfect but it's good enough.

Pattern alterations or any design changes you made:
So far, I left off the pockets.
I used a regular zipper rather the invisible zipper that was called for. I inserted it like it was an invisible and this is the result: (zipper) - I need to fix the bottom of it.
I had mishaps of the lining and could not line it totally. Well, I could had - in another color, but I felt I would not like that as much. I made a facing for the center front because the lack of lining fabric. Even the pattern calls for the whole dress to be lined I only lined the back, side-back, side, and side front sections. Back - hand stitched. It's pretty cool. Nothing else was changed.
NOTE: The under arm is wide and you should take caution if you decide to make this dress because all kinds of flesh is showing. I am going to go back and take the underarms in a bit. Also, I am short and if I bend over (even just by a little bit) one may be able to see how many cavities I have! I will also either close up the split a little or all the way. That depends on if I can drop my keys and bend lady like and pick them back up without having to cover that area at the same time because I am thinking my ham is hanging out of the bag. So, that test is to come.

Here is the view of the hideous side view that will be cured with a tube. I am not going back in and reshaping this. I just need to pull the bodice and the straps in towards each other. So, if I do this number again I’ll make that adjustment on the pattern.

Side view with shoe

Oh, this was in my what shall I wear with this phase when my husband said I looked like Granny Goo Goo! lol I still don’t see it. But that is too much flesh and looking at this picture, yeah, I’m going back in and redoing this. ASAP!

Would you sew it again? Would you recommend it to others?
I would like to sew it in a solid because the lines are loss in the print. Yes, I recommend this pattern. When I first saw it, I thought of Brides Maids in June weddings -in the pretty solid colors. 

I love this dress despite the closures that will take place.

Until the next greatest creation, Schey.


Stacie said...

Very cute dress. You should be proud of all the obstacles you went through to get it done. BTW, I like the red shoes too!

ScheyF. said...

Thanks Stacie!

Serenity Love Sincere Peace Earth said...

The black shoes! Nice job

Vanessa said...

Fabulous dress! And I agree with the black shoes, though the green ones are cute!

Myra said...

You have lots of great shoes! The black ones definitely! Great dress, your hard work really shows!! to love them, they almost always tell us the truth...that is when it's about us!!!

narcissaqtpie said...

ok, this is I like it with the black shoes, but I know it will be "popping" with red shoes and complimentary accessories. I think I want this pattern.

ScheyF. said...

Thanks, All! Seems like the black shoes has the vote. Myra, I love shoes and yes, husbands are 'crucially honest' ;). I think I am going to wear it differently each time I wear it. One day Black, then REd, then Narcissa, Popping is what I wanted with the red. Thank you, Everyone.

ScheyF. said...

Thanks Vanessa and Serenity! The green shoes actually lace up the calf but I left them down and really like that look.

Omega said...

Cute dress, it looks great on you! I like the black shoes, but the yellow ones work too.