Saturday, July 16, 2011

Simplicity 2907

Description: Toddlers pants or shorts and dress, shirt or vest.


I made the girls dress, View C in denim and the red and white contrast is a cotton shirting.



This pattern comes in sizes A(1/2 to 4). I made size 3 for my two year old.

What I liked most about this pattern is that it can be a blank slate for whatever idea you have in mind for it. The pieces are straight to the point. The front, sleeves, collar, and bottom flounce are ‘cut 2’ pieces, the back is a ‘cut on fold’ piece, and the pocket is optional. There is really nothing that I dislike on this pattern.

NOTE: Remember that in the directions, it states for you to prepare and make the facing(s). It only states to do one side. I said that to say this: BE SURE TO DO THE OPPOSITE SIDE AS WELL.

Or you will end up with something like this:

Front  forgot one side Front no sleeves

One side will be done and the other will not be done. (And you will think it’s time to move on…yeah right.)

At this point I had to decide what kind of buttons I wanted to use. The pattern called for 4 1/2 inch buttons. Since this was supposed to be for the 4th of July, I wanted to keep up with the theme. I had some red stars…well, I thought I still had red stars but all I found was 2. So, I chose from either red stars, of which I did not have enough, white buttons, red snaps or white snaps. As I contemplated on what I really wanted to use I put on the collar. Ultimately, I opted for red snaps.

Which button white snaps or red statrs

Red Star buttons closerWhite snaps

Red Stars                    White Snaps

I bought the snaps from Sew Baby…I think…. But when I opened my package it said that I had to put the snaps on with their special doohicki tool. Instead, I used my own doohickie tool that I‘ve had for years. I didn’t know it would work but it did. I had cover the snap (colored) part with tissue so that the doohickie didn’t scar or dent the snaps too much.

Doohickie Tool                         My doohickie too.  

My alterations for this dress was the pocket and the collar. For the pocket, I ’lined’ it with the stripe fabric, right sides together, stitched at an inch and a half, and flipped the red to the back to form the top trim.

My alteration for the collar was because of my mistake. I cut the wrong size and didn’t notice until it was too late. I was not redoing a thing! Ultimately, that left me with a too little collar where I could not properly turn and stitch the upper collar. What did I do? I put the whole thing together, upper and lower collar and the stitched front and back pieces, and just sewed them together. This is what I got:

S2907 Front neck S2907 back neck

I want to sew it again, but I am not sure when I will. Hopefully soon, but we all know how that one goes.

I don’t have any photos with my daughter in this one. She was totally on strike! So, I do have a finished picture of it on the kitchen floor.

S2907 Front

Yes, I know this version has a vintage feel of a baby car hop or candy striper but hey, she likes it and if I had more stars maybe it would look more 4th of July festive.

Until later, Schey


Snowflake said...

I absolutely love this. My DD (5) saw this and now wants one. So off to my local supplier ;-)

Jada said...

Awww so cute! Great job!

HeathersSphere said...

Very patriotic and cute! The details on this dress are precise and precious.

GodsgirlT said...

Nice work! Very, very, nice work!

Tanya said...

Super cute.