Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Fabric Stash 2011–Jalie 2908


Retro Jalie

Here is, yet another, pair of the famous Jalie Jean. Another item for the Fabric Stash Contest 2011 over at These pants are a twist of two tails. The denim has been cut out since the beginning of school and the green corduroy is what will used toward the contest. I started cutting and sewing and then things went crazy in my head. Life showed its ugly face and made my creations mock its ugly self. But it didn’t succeed because these pants turned out cute. They have a retro feel to them. You know the pants you used to wear back in the day. Only back then, each leg width was about the same as the waist and the yoke was so high they made the waistband touch your chest bone, and you wonder why the bottoms never touched the top of your shoes. Yeah, high-water bell-bottoms. Well, here are my daughter’s new Jalie’s and their triumphant journey into their new resting place – her closet.

two pairsThe tale of two tales.


Pockets in the making. back pockets

Nonfunct 2nonfunctional back

Nonfunctional pockets – wrong side.

NonfunctionalNonfunctional pockets

Nonfunctional pockets – right side.

Nonfuncts together

The nonfuncts are put together. I serged the ‘pockets’ so that raveling will be reduced.

Pairs to pair

These are the pieces I gave my daughter to choose from. She had to pick from numbers 1 and 2 and then from 3 and 4. She chose 2 and 4. So those are the ones I put together and put the other two parts together for the second pair.

corduroy backBack of the corduroy and the pretty shaped pocket.

Pair 1 front fly, band, functional pockets





Pair one with the fly and functional pockets.


Insides looking betterInside again

The inside of my pants are getting better! I forgot to serge the seam that connects the yoke and back before I sewed it down. I just left it that way.

Back w loopsFront w button

Here are the front and back with the loops and button.

***The next pair will come as soon as I clear my memory and take those pictures too. ***

Ok, so I have more pictures of the retro Jalie jeans for my daughter.

I will simply post them with a brief descript since I am pressed for time and trying to do my school work at the same time.


Front and back of the functional pair of Jalie jeans. I tried to block out the belly but the darn thing kept creeping in the pictures. I made them long because we all know kids grow up faster then they grow out. (Unless they live off fastfood and cookies everyday and play the 360 and XBox all the time.)


This is the front and back view of the nonfunctional pair. There’s that belly again. I think a belt is really in need here. The waistband stretched bad on this pair.

Oh yeah, I thought I’d let you see the inside of the nonfunctional pair. I used the fly just for a guide for the mock opening.

Nonfunct inside front 

Until later, Schey.


Alethia said...

Wow. very creative use of your fabric stash!!

Myra said...

REALLY, REALLY Cool idea for your creativity!!! I sure hope your daughter can appreciate the talent her mom has!!!

ScheyF. said...

Thanks Alethia and Myra. I am not myself if I can't sew.