Monday, January 10, 2011

She’s Got Legs


     Leggings are a great asset to any wardrobe. But beware ladies, you just can’t wear them anyway with anything. There are some ronchie legging wearers out there. As I skimmed the internet I found a few photos of said ronchieness. Let’s take the time to view these eyesores of personal criminal intent with bodily harm.

Ugly leggings WTH? (

Ugly legging 4can we say confetti confusion? Why?

Ugly leggings 3 Tye Dye went out when? I’m just saying.

Ugly leggings 2The shoes are just fabulous! I have nothing to say about the leggings except that they are just down right ronchie and ugly.

I introduce you to M6173. Rated easy, and it is only one pattern piece that is cut twice. Three seams and elastic. If your fabric has the right stretch and recovery action, you may can forego the elastic.


This is my first time making these leggings and they were done in an hour and 12 minutes. This includes the cutting. It took me the longest trying to figure out how tight I wanted the elastic. You can better believe that I will making more of these. I already have some black and blue snake print stretch moleskin lurking in the shadows for this.

Legging rouchingAs you can see the leggings are long. But that is good. Read – versatile.

Here are more shots:

Corduroy Leggings With the boots on.

I know I have no booty. Flat a pancake and you better not be laughing either. This is the waist line. They are confortable but next time I will bring the rise up a bit more.


Now before you look at the next picture, I just want to warn you that ‘some scenes are not for the weak at heart or stomach. Scenes from this blog may not be suitable for young viewers’. Now scroll:














                          Back, Yikes

This is why one does not leggings with short tops unless you are in the comfort zone of your own home. Then and only then you can let things like this hang out!

‘Now, back to our regularly schedule program…..

Until the next, item of clothing made by Schey.


Ok, you can stop laughing now!


Sewtellme said...

Hilarious! I will put this pattern on my list though, I do love a great pair of leggings.

lizajane said...

This is so funny! They look great. I actually just bought a ponte knit to make up this exact pattern.

Snowflake said...

Oh my, what a lovely laugh I had with your wording while having my cuppa coffee this morning!!! Thank you for this laugh, much needed. Now I've got the pattern number - off to the shop to purchase the material & pattern

Myra said...

To, to funny Shey!!! Love it! Your leggings are perfect and so is your backside!!! You're much to hard on yourself (and no, I'm not gay!) I just think we women put way to much stock in the shape of our bodies! Just have fun like you just did! Nice work!

Tanya said...

LOL, I know some people who would benefit from the fashion wisdom you share in this post. Your leggings look great.

ScheyF. said...

Thanks, Sewing Divas. I thought I would have a little fun. My posts were getting dull so they needed to be spruced up a bit. And I do plan on doing more of these!

Zoe (ReviveUK) said...

Lol, you are sooo funny, thanks for the review, I just bought this pattern today so am glad its easy, am just hoping that it accommodates a juicy brown bottom coz the last pair I made only went up to my inner thighs!!! lol, thanks again