Saturday, December 31, 2011

McCall’s 6023

So Fun Sew Now: At least that is what the envelope said and I thought it would be as well because the model on the package looks happy go lucky. Now, I’m not going to mislead you, but even the outcome is good – it is NOT what I was expecting.


I made the pants on the envelope for my 7 year old. Who has decided that she all of a sudden wants to start putting some meat on her bones. The seven measured too small. The eight was right there. She may have been able to get about six months of wear, but I wanted to give a little more ‘growing room’. There was no size nine So, I had cut out the 10. She would grow into these for the next 3 years!

I used a denim I’d bought from a while ago. (I am using stash on just about everything I make until I get that fabric store out of my sewing area!) It was called Premium Italian Denim with Metallic Gold. Even though denim is a suggested fabric, I believe a more lightweight would have been more suitable for these pants that seem to be more trouser than jean pants.

I liked particularly the pocket area on the drawing. There are little ‘diamonds’ that make a girly-girl look. If I would say so, these make a perfect pattern for a sailor look.

My first alteration was done after I had assembled the pants. I cut off 2 and 1/ 2 inches from the hem because I forgot to do so at the lengthen/shorten line. I added glue-on ‘diamonds’ from the top of the pocket to the bottom then back up the side seam.


Sewn on a button. It’s not functional. Ann wanted a ‘diamond’ button so it’s there for looks. There is actually a hook for the closure.

Waistband and button

The inside pockets and the waist facing is made from some left over cotton remnant.

Inside waist

I also trimmed the pockets with some left over bias tape from, yet another project. The inside looks so neat.

Pocket with Bias

The outside leg seam is sewn like a jean. The top stitching is contrast denim thread.

Pant (jean) topstitching

There is also some elastic in the back waist in attempts to bring the waist in a bit. I really didn’t help so I’d sewn two pinches on the sides (seen in an above photo) and called it a day.

I am going to do Version A, the top,


and I hope it comes out decent. If not, I’ll just save the pattern until Ann gets to a size 10 in the pants. I can’t a photo of Ann in the pants because she says she looks like Urkle (?), from Family Matters! I don’t think so but hey, kids have their own style and a mind of their own, too.

Until, the skinnies she made a special request for that *may* come during the jean contest over at Pattern Review.

Schey and the Urkle pants.


GodsgirlT said...

Very cute jeans. About that "diamond" button - they are a girl's best friend! Lol! I like the detail on these pants and the embellishment - you did a great job. I know what you mean about wanting to clear out your stash - me too. Now...if I could just stay out of the fabric store!!!.....

Scheryka said...

Diamonds are a girl's bestie. Thank you! My stash has grown out of wack and that includes giving heeps away to my Sis who's been struck with the sewing bug. I'm doing good about the brick and mortar store now if I can just quick looking online!....LOL