Saturday, January 23, 2010

In the Mean Time....

Ok, sew I have not been here in a few days. We've got a couple of stomach bugs to get rid of. I tell ya public school is a head ache. But homeschooling intensified my migraines. Can't win for loosing, huh? Well, since I don't have new pics of the Anniversary dress nor have I started on the lingerie entry, I'm going to post some older articles I have sewn in the past.

Ok, here goes...I made this dress a few back for my oldest daughter, then age 3. Or was it 4? Lol. The mind of a mother. I promise I'll get that taken care of....One day.

Ok, another one....

This one was made for my niece, TK. Again, a few years back. Believe me, the pics does this dress no justice. Oh, yeah, it's a very soft Lavender color.

Now, since I'm a Medical Assistant, I had to make me a few scrubs. I'll post two for right now. This one reminded me of a darn hotel room when I finished it! But, sew what, I wear it anyways.

Now be honest with yourself, doesn't look like I ripped the spread off the bed at Motel 6?

Next to the last picture for tonite is my medical smock top. I like this one a lot. I usually wear it with a long sleeve in the office. But this is in the bedroom, sew who cares if my armpits are hanging out?

Ok, for your laugh of the night.
Have you ever had a last minute thing to do and you just didn't have the right materials to get it done effectively and when you are done you wish you had done the darn thing right the first time? Well, this is one of my moments! LOL
There was this online contest online. The object of the contest was to take a not so cute dress and make it cute and wearable. The dress had to be turned into a cocktail dress. Here's the original:
Ok, sew I know my dress is not on the page...and I don't blame them! But at least I know someone....somewhere will wear it. Watch the clip:
Ok, ya'll, goodnight.
And sew on and sew forth.
Until later,

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