Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Anniversary Dress Part 2

I know I have been gone for some times with this Anniversary Dress.

As I have said, our date is on the 29th. I am about done but not quite. Ha.

An oxymoron, huh? Well, here are a few more pics of how the dress came to pass.

These pic show the neckline and armholes being prepped for the lining.
The hem from the inside out and the outside in.

The first dress is the back with zipper and hem. The second is the
front with out zipper and I think it is
without the hem. Backwards, huh?
I couldn't get the pictures to switch
seats with other. They told me no.
Sew, I obliged.

Until later, Sew and Sew Forth,
Schey Butta.
I'll show the Anniversary Dress on finale night.

Anniversary Dress Part 1
Anniversary Dress Finale

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Schey_Butta said...

I don't know how the pictures got twisted but they did! Haha. I might fix them. Then, I might not.
Until later,