Saturday, January 16, 2010

OoPS. I forgot about the contest entry. My walking set! Now this just can't be good because the contest ends on the last day of January. I have what, 2 weeks?! And this is what it looks like:

Yikes! I better hurry up because this is what the annivesary dress looks like:

Our anniversary is on the 29th. I also plan on entering a lingerie contest as well. Sew, I think I need to hurry up. That contest starts on the 15th. Oh wait...was that yesterday!? LOL Not to mention my daughter want a jean dress. And I try to make an extra for my nieces. One day I'll win the title as "Sew Queen of the Year".

I made the resolution to not buy anything new - clothing articles, that is. This is for me and the girls. This also gives me the opportunity to start making panties. I just hope they are wearable. And not like the outfit Denise made for Theo on "The Cosby Show" HAHA. Don't remember? Watch it here:

Well, you've had a second of laughs. I've got to go sew. And nurse and cook and clean and .....I'm starting to think that's why my outfits are still at the cutout stage. What do you think?

Until later,

Love Schey.

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