Saturday, May 28, 2011

What did Suede Say?

I followed Project Runway for a long time and was very happy to know that one of the contestants, Suede, has finally put his line with Simplicity! His debut includes some very cute patterns. My favorites, in particular, are:
S2182 Suede Says     S2220 Suede Says     S2222 Suede Says
So, you might ask yourself, “What’s so special about these patterns?” I would tell you that these patterns have a three dimensional edge to them. They cover three types of personalities: Classic, Flirty, and Edgy. If I had to translate that for you, I would say: Conservative, Sexy, and Whoa.
I love the jumper so much, I decided to enter his contest with it. I immediately thought about the jumper that I fell in love with when I saw Beyonce in it.
Beyonce plaid jumper I love this look. I have chosen to use a lightweight white vinyl and red, black and white plaid shirting for my jumper.
SuedeSays Plan
I plan to use a few accessories too. I am not sure if I want to use black or silver. I will let the finished garment decide that for me. Believe it or not, clothes do speak to sewists. Really.
My first mistake for the jumper was that I was actually working three things at one time and forgot that the last thing on my machine was my daughter’s 1st grade awards / graduation dress with which I was using an orange thread in the bobbin. I changed the top thread to white and forgot to change the bobbin. Oh well, I saw that, kicked myself for it, and still did not change the darn thread! But, I have no problem with it and who else will know? Oops, my bad, you know. Well, just be like the Busch’s Baked Bean puppy and don’t tell. lol
Here’s my orange thread mishap:
Mistake number 1    Mistake 1
I usually don’t put in interfacing at a buttonhole stress point if the fabric is pretty healthy (thick) but since I am using a shirting, I followed the directions and put a square of interfacing at the lower buttonhole. It says to do both sides (I think), but I don’t know why. I did it anyways and I’ll find out why later.
Interfacing the buttonhole
Sewing on vinyl, leather, pleather (call it what you want) can be a chore. I knew this but I wanted to hurry up and get done with this jumper until I (with my hard headed self) went ahead and sewn without some help. My foot was sticking and the vinyl was pulling and making this ugly piece of junk! So, I stopped and done what was right. I could have grabbed some powder but didn’t have any around. So, I grabbed a dryer sheet that I save from the dryer and use for my embroidery. I had sewn over that and tore it away afterwards. Looks much ‘gooder’. (Yes, I know that’s the wrong word. It should be better. But I like to use ‘gooder’. This is my blog after all!)
SS pleather without tissue         SS with tissue
Oh, remember to put a piece ALL – WAY – TO – THE – END!
From working on several items at once, I had to come to a stopping point and what better point would be than after the front and back pieces are sewn together and fitted on Aloe.
SS Front                      SS Back
SS Side                      SuedeSays
SS Bodice
Until tomorrow after church when the sewing shall resume.
Oh did I say that the entry is due three days from now! I’ll get it. (The Little Engine That Could: I think I can. I think I can….


Jada said...

That is going to be so cute! Can't wait to see it finished.

Have a great holiday!

Myra said...

Looks like you have a great start! There is a teflon foot for working with "pleathers". They're very inexpensive too. That might help a lot. Can't wait to see your completed project.

Tanya said...

It looks great so far, good luck.