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Sewing In April

I bet you all thought I haven't been sewing, huh? Well, I have. I hadn't had the time to review and post anything due to my schooling. But I have a little time for right now to post a little bit...I am actually taking a break from studying for my finals I have tomorrow. (I will be so glad when I am done :/)

The first item I want to show you is McCall's 6118.

This was a very easy top to make and I see more of these in the future. Here is my review.

Pattern Description:
MISSES' TUNICS AND SASH: Above, mid-knee length, one shouldered tunics A, B, C gathered into band; sleeveless tunic A has bow tie; tunics B, C have flared sleeves; tunic B has purchased jewels; tunic C has sash; purchased leggings.

I made version C with out the sash. I have not decided if I want it or not. After I wear it a day, then I can make a better informed decision. (I do like my tops a bit more cinched in the waist. I just didn't want to take away the flow of the fabric.)

Pattern Sizing:
Combinations: AX5(4-6-8-10-12), DD(12-14-16-18) I cut the 12, but I forgot which pack - the AX5 or the DD.
I really didn't know how to choose my size for this pattern. The only description they give for measurements are the width of the lower edge and the back length from the base of the neck. What I was looking for was the size of the opening for the cross way of the band. But since it wasn't there, I took an educated guess that I am loosing weight (slowly but I'm loosing) and the fact that the top is meant to be loose I went from a 14 to a 12. It fits so far. Yes!

Update: After wearing the top for a day - to an Easter gathering at my sister's church in NC - I should have cut the diagonal trim midways the 10 and 12 and the body a straight 10. And since I do plan on making another one that is what I will do.

Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done sewing with it?
Of course! I love the print, too. The fabric was originally meant to be for another top but I came across this pattern first while looking for the other and am glad I did.

Were the instructions easy to follow?
I scanned them only to see if I would find some off the wall mistake or crazy instruction. Nope- none. Other than that I didn't use them. Not to mention, I talked my sister through them while she made her top just like it. Cute huh? The pieces are pretty much straight forward, too. (Make sure you mark the front and back band pieces.) A good way to tell if you have the right pieces is to look CLOSELY at the mid section of the pattern pieces. The front band has a slight curve up to give a bit of modest fit for the breast.

What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern?
I love the asymmetricness (Word?) of the shoulders. It would look great with a pair of tights or skinnies with heels. So far there are no dislikes. I guess because the model have NO curves and real women have real curves, I may want to make the sash, because if I don't then I will continue to look like a blimp. (The wind was blowing too.) So, I really need to take in the sides a bit and next time make sure I make in the adjustments mentioned before.

Fabric Used:
I used a charmeuse print with big sparse flowers in purple, turquoise and silver that I've had for a while. (I've had most of my fabrics for a while come to think about it.)

Pattern alterations or any design changes you made:
Umm, well I forgot what the hem allowance was but I only done a serge and turned up that end and then again another 3/8ths and stitched there. I did the same with the sleeves only I done 5/8ths here.

Would you sew it again? Would you recommend it to others?
I want to sew it again and may sew it again if I find a fabric that screams out to me so I can do my adjustments (because I do see more of these if fabric permits). Other than that I will let it sit in the done pile until that fabric comes along. Yes, I recommend and especially if you are into the look.

Great modern tunic pattern. Get it. Sew it. Love it.

Updated to add:
1. I went to hang up my beautiful tunic and wondered hth (not heart to heart) was I going to get that baby on the hanger! If you plan to make this top don't forget to do a hanger strap. I am going to add one out of a thin ribbon. I don't want to use my clear elastic.

2. I need a belt to cinch or I will take in the sides a little bit. I look as if I am pregnant.

3. For the busty gals - no need for a FBA with this one.

Since, I don't have a photographer right now. (And may not have a good one for a hot minute, I had to swipe these goofy day photos from my sister's page.) Swiper no swiping! They are the best but I was having a LOT of fun. Don't mind the bra strap. I thought it was tacky but my Sis said it was ok.

See the wind have me looking like a Good year blimp.
What you think? lol

Where did that spot come from? My sewing table! I do believe that was from the crafts my two year old was playing with while I was sewing. But that is NOT going to stop me from wearing it.

Sorry, Evoni,I HAD to get this one. I need to hit the gym! Well, since I can't afford that, guess I'll bench press my 2-year old thunder thighs.

That's all for right now everyone. Hopefully, I will be able to get in some photos today.

I have to post Simplicity 5234 that my Sis and I had sewn together for our oldest daughters.
Girls & Girls Plus Dresses
This one I made for my baby girl.
It's So Easy Child Dresses and Bag Okay, since my baby wore her dress to church Easter Sunday in NC, I thought it would be no harm in letting her wear it again this Sunday, well yesterday it's 1:11 am Monday morning, in SC. Why do I always get the same kind of pictures from her?! I actually wanted to get photos than her usual stubborn ones like this one:
Too through!
Sorry but this is the only photo I can get worth posting:
Another, "I am too through" shot. I quit! lol

But here is my review anyways:
Pattern Description:

Child's dress and bag. I am doing dress A because I want a type of sleeve on the dress. I may also still put the ribbon detail at the bottom if I can find some to match the peach dots in the dress. I will even take a darker peach.

Update: No ribbon so I left off that detail, but I think the dres is still very pretty and less is more, anyways.

Pattern Sizing:
Sizes 3 through 8. I will start at the size 4 because my baby is a thunder thigh baby. It is funny how the hip size for a 3 is - and the hip size for the 4 is 24. lol Why couldn't it be a 23 for the size 3? Besides what child has hips at that age anyways? I just read the finished length for the 4 is 24 inches...I may just have to leave it as-is. I think a little longer would be quite cute anyways.

Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done sewing with it?
Yes. I also lined the dress in a peach poly satin. I wanted a regular lining fabric but could not find the right color I wanted for nothing! I ended up going to Hobby Lobby and found the poly.

Were the instructions easy to follow?
I finished a quick scan through and the only thing I see is a slight jump around but that is only because Simplicity clustered the similar steps to each dress as one. They seperated the steps that are different in the two dresses. Pretty easy if you take your time and just circle what you need. Other than that, they are a breeze.

What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern?
So far, just by looking at the pack, I like that it is simple and no too fussy for a two year old. Yeah, I said two....and I am going to start at a size 4. :/

The only dislike I see is a personal problem. On the picture, dress A, there is ribbon for the sleeve trim. I have had terrible problems with using ribbon for trim. They do something bad to the fabric. AND THEY DON'T GIVE FOR NOTHING! So if you think you will need even just the tiniest stretch in the arm, I do not recommend using ribbon unless it is stretch.

Update: I should have lengthened the hem part of the sleeve. I had to do a tiny turn under and stitch. I can not stand those tuck and stitch and you have like 1/4 of a seam and the fabric slips and you can't keep a straight line. I am glad I done that in the clear thread! I will go back and redo the sleeves because why have a beautiful dress and a pair of jacked up sleeves?

Other than my pet peeves, I love this pattern and I want to do another in a light demin for everyday play.

Fabric Used:
I am going to use a taffeta. I believe it was described as Peach Flocked Polka Dot Tafetta from know... I plan on lining the whole dress even though it only says to line the bodice. I am still trying to find my cream poly lining in the stash. I don't plan on buying anything unless it's a zipper or button or something. But I may have those things already, too.

Update: I never found the cream lining and ended up buying some peach poly as stated earlier.

Pattern alterations or any design changes you made:
I have not started on the dress yet, but I know from the start I will have to storten the hem because my baby is only two and not quite at the size 4 height. But she's not that far from it either. :/

As stated earlier, I plan on doing the sleeved version with the ribbon trim on the bottom of the dress. I am NOT doing the ribbon on the arm.

Update: No ribbon trim on the bottom.

I lined the whole dress instead of just the bodice. I had to go back in and rework it because I put in the lining and slip stitched the bodice lining to the waist before I put in the zipper.

I added a little cut and fold 'flower' with 3 'pearls' in the middle to break up the color.

Would you sew it again? Would you recommend it to others?
So far, as I am looking I might sew it again in a spring everyday dress - I choose denim with maybe a yellow or turquoise accent color. Yes, I recommend.

We'll see how things go.

Update: It took me over three weeks to finish dress. With life and school I had to work it around my schedule and do a little here and a little there. I even went to NC for Spring Break and worked on it there while doing other sewing with my sister. I finished it on Good Friday. I am really loving this dress.

I hope my baby will at least let the dress last until we get back home....Yay, it lasted! Did I mention she is also a tomboy? Or at least she seems just a little bit rougher than the usual girly girl?

I especially want to post Simplicity 3503.
                                   Misses Special Occasion Dresses My Sis and I had a ball making this one. I must say, I want her dress more than I want mine. lol *sheepish eye*. "You betta watch" in my Tyler Perry voice. 
So, until later, (and a photographer), Schey.

You can see the post to this dress right here.


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