Friday, March 4, 2011

New Drink….

I am thinking (and I really should not be doing that) that I need to do something different.

I have LOTS of patterns waiting for me to make into gorgeous garments. Some I have had for YEARS. Come on, don’t act like you don’t know what I am talking about. You got some patterns just sitting around too ‘cause you don’t know what fabric to use or you bought the pattern thinking it was just your style then you realize that you don’t even like the pattern at all. Guilty!


Too many patterns – bought, downloaded, acquired and else how.


1. Give them away. Nope. But I would certainly consider that on any duplicates I may have.

2. Take them back to the store for a store credit (at full price). Now that would not be morally right now would it? Although I have thought about it because if I hadn’t I wouldn’t said, huh?

3. Trade them off.  But then I may still end up with patterns waiting for the double edge sword to come along and cut them up.

4. Let them sit there and hope they magically turn themselves into a work of art with wondrous details? I don’t thin that will happen either.

So the only possible solution I could come up with is this.

1. Cut and make something from each and every pattern I have!

Yes! I have been cured.

Ok, so I PLAN (Read: yeah right) to take a pattern from the stash, pick a garment, choose stash fabric and sew. I PLAN (Read: Yeah right) to start from the left side of the many, many rows and work my way to the right side. I chose the left because Vogue and Burda are on the right side. lol Oh, and some of those Lekala’s that have directions that are worse than trying to read the lips of a mime. Yeap, mimes don’t move their lips and it’s a bit hard to figure what going on. Mind you, I can do it, I just want to do the easy stuff first – like Simplicity.

I think I should have started this on the first of the year. January 1, 2011. Then by the end of the year, I‘d still NOT be done. I have to take into consideration life and it’s many detours. Maybe if I do that, then I will be done, umm next year December 31, 2012. lol I am not lying I have just that many patterns and cannot seem to refrain from purchasing more. Like my most recent purchases were:

I moved this one to the top because I have it cut out and ready to be sewn up. I just haven’t touched it because I am not really liking the color. I did at first but now I don’t. Just goes to show that my mind changes like the weather. (When it feels like it.) But I am woman, I am unpredictable.


The green one is the skirt in reference. They look like a twist on the Tulip skirt. Well, I have three projects going at once so when things are done, I’ll post. 


I love the Burgundy and the Green belts. I can do the two middle ones too.

This one reminds me of a dress I made to attend a wedding in the past. Here's the dress.

Yet, another pattern is


Yummy! I can’t wait to get some 5% spandex denim for this bad baby!

After reading this review: by 3kids1036, I went out and bought the pattern and the white knit! It is so cute. And I may not have paid it any mind because at first the neck looked a little alien to me. Then I saw it again and I was taken aback. I really do like it.

Well, I can go on with how many patterns I have bought (all on sale) in the past month. The count could easily get into the double digits. So, I’ll stop now and get some other things done, but I will be back.

Until, I get other things done, Schey.


Myra said...

Schey, I really feel your pain with the pattern issue! I currently have a new stack of approx 17 patterns on my sewing table I just purchased and WILL NOT sew anything until I've made each and every one! I promised myself this year I would make every pattern purchased at least once and I plan to stick with it!

I'm still not sure about that white dress...I think it's pretty but was concerned about what Adrienne said in her review, it actually stopped me from purchasing the pattern. I'll be waiting to see how yours turns out before purchasing this one...good luck!

ScheyF. said...

I was too. I just made a mental note to keep in mind how low the droop is. I will surely have to measure before I cut my fabric because muslins are not me and I bought some good stuff at Hancock on a good sale. ;)