Monday, February 28, 2011

Fabric Stash 2011 - M5670

Another project for the Fabric Stash contest 2011 is labeled McCall’s Crafty.



I made this top before for my oldest sister as a maternity top in a peach eyelet fabric. I believe that is the name of that kind of fabric. Most times it has embroidered holes in it.

I thought I had a photo of it but I just spent 20 whole minutes looking through my photos and did not find one. So….

This time, I am making the top for me. NO I am not pregnant. I have four and they are more than plenty! I am going to make my top in a denim, maybe a brocade, it might even be a decorators fabric.

Oriental Demin

Looks a bit Oriental in style.

You see, in my previous years, I never kept tabs of the content of my fabric. I am getting better at it and I must admit, I have room for improvement. I think I may even do either a pair of pants or skirt in the same fabric. I will surely have to make certain that I break the look up with some COLOR! Right now, as I type and look at the fabric, I am thinking of maybe a red, but that is too common and the most obvious. I do have some yellow and some purple that I can spare. I might just stay simple and keep it black and use my accessories to add the color. I’ll have to see what the fabric, pattern, and my preferences says about those decisions, though. 

For the sake of time and my eyelids are being held up with tooth picks I’ll just post the finish look and come back and do better.


DSCF2439                          DSCF2441

Until better pictures and the sleeves, Schey.


Jackie said...

I have this same pattern at the finishing stage. I just need a hem on the bottom and buttonholes and I could be done. I like your fabric. I am making a dress to go with mine.

ScheyF. said...

Hey, Jackie. It's a nice top. I am have taken off that hidious srm facing and in the process of putting the sleeves on. IT LOOKS SOOOO MUCH BETTER! lol I am going to redo the neck facing but that depends on how I feel about it after I wear it for a day and I better hurry up because the weather is really warming up! Post your outfit so I can check it out.