Sunday, February 20, 2011

Fabric Stash 2011 - Kwik Sew 2763

I have been working on this top for a while since the beginning of the contest. I made this polo style top for my youngest son a while ago. (He’s the only male brave enough to allow me to sew for him.) Now, I am doing the same pattern for the fabric stash contest in a green pique knit. The red is a pique also. My son asked me to do this top and make sure the stripes go up and down this time. His words are that they are supposed to be on the right side. Well umm with all the work I done trying to make sure his stripes were on the right side:

                         Lining up other side back    

Here I was trying to line up the back and get those stripes looking good.             

Trying to place frontStripes are really a PIA! Here, I was trying to line up the front stripes so that they would match with the ones on the back. 

Checking stripe placementI am rechecking the stripes here on the back pattern piece.

They still ended up on the left side! LOL.

FrontYou think that maybe I can get away with saying, “Well, they are on the right side. My right side.”? I tried it and it didn’t work but he is happy with it anyway.

Oh I have an extra model who has to be in photos.

Front Posing Posing. I know you do not see any buttons on the top. This is because the little munchkin in the previous photo got a hold of the buttons and now I have to buy more. But that’s good because I had matching green buttons and my son said he’d like black better. OK cool, so that gives me a reason to go to the fabric store and catch the President’s Day sale. 

Back w the Dream Girls

Here is the shot from the back. I am kinda liking these stripes. Yeah. And once again, the Dream Girls had to get their shots taken too.




Inside backHere is the inside back facing. I am not sure if the pattern called for this part to be interfaced or not. I didn’t refer back to the instructions because I remembered how it went together the first time. I didn’t interface it, though I did interface the front because that part would get lots of handling with closing and opening buttons.

Inside front  Front facing.

Front Neck wo buttonsNeck

Here are the front and back collars. I wanted the black stripe to be on the edge but that didn’t happen. It’s ok, though, it is still cute and most important, my son likes it. I still have to make that run and get buttons in the morning.


Here is my most professional hem I have ever done on a knit! Pattern Reviewers and some of my most favorite blogs have helped me a lot.

SleeveHere is the sleeve detail.

Now I have to get those buttons and put them on.

Ok, so the buttons BEEEN on. I just now made the time to update the blog with photos and the new Ralph Lauren of the Upstate, SC.

Brad ks top 1

Did you catch that?


Let me do it again.

Brad ks top

He thinks he’s GQ. You go boy!

Until Later,



Tara said...

His shirt looks fantastic. . . no bravery needed! The stripes, the color, everything looks great. I love the little girly girls posing alongside. I can just hear "This is how we do it" -Montell Jordan playing in the background.

Carla(LoverofWords) said...

I like it

ScheyF. said...

lol @ Tara. IKR and thank you a lot. Carla, thanks. My son does too. It doesn't have buttons yet and he is wanting to wear it to school tomorrow!

Myra said...

Honey you rocked those stripes!!! Great shirt! I sure hope you're little man likes it too...he looks real good in it! Gonna be fighting those girls off with a stick!!!