Wednesday, May 29, 2013

2013 Style Your Stash Sew A Long

     I am happy to be a part of a group of sewists who are willing to sew up some the stash. It's the 2013 Style the Stash Sew A Long. For me, that mean I have some work ahead of me. I took the time to take some pictures of my stash. Oh my goodness, I got faint at heart trying to maneuver things around just to get to boxes, stacks, and bins. I knew I had a stash, but really? Really, Scheryka?
     I wish I could keep my stash organized, but as much as I go rummaging through it to find several pieces for several planned patterns and never get around to sewing them, then putting them back, but never back to their respective places...that'll never happen. At least not in the near future.
       Here are two 35 Gals totes                          A 35- and 30- Gal                   Two 15- Gals

They are in no organized manner, just folded or rolled and put into the buckets. I'll be glad when I can get a real (read: dedicated) sewing room so that I can hang my sewing room fabric at the windows. I bought it about three, could be four, years ago from one of my favorite online shops.

Five medium fabric shipping boxes of mixed medium:

The upper left is a box of fleece and boucle.

Several pieces of fleece and a couple of packaged fleece.

Some pieces I laid on the table
                                                                       and a stack in a chair.

About two years ago our deep freezer that we had for eons of years went dead on us. Before my husband could toss it to the land field I already had plans for it!

Hey, I saved the land field of this big eye sore of scrap and gas from taking it there. There is NO telling what's in here. Anything from children prints to winter fabric for me, lace and pleather too.

Last but not least because I am just about sure I have fabric stashed in other places that I've forgotten about, what's on the floor in the dining room because I was churning out ideas to be sewn and the floor has become their temporary resting place.
Until, the next post, Smooches and Be Blessed beyond capacity!



SarahLizSewStyle said...

What a great use for a deep freeze! We've got to get you sewing some of this stash before it takes over!

Scheryka said...

Sarah, yes! I am a hoarder! My husband offered to use some as insulation and oil changing rags! Gasp! NOOOO, I think I would die! Seriously.

shawntasews said...

The fabric in the deep freezer is the best I have seen yet!!!! If fabric just wasn't so darn pretty we wouldn't have this problem!!!

Scheryka said...

Shawnta, I think I will use that as my next excuse! "But, Honey, the fabric is just so darn pretty!"

Sew Blessed Maw said...

I am in awe!!! what a wonderful fabric stash!! and I think the deep freeze idea is just perfect.. NOw...this makes me want my deep freeze to go out...eeeh .. sure am glad hubby don't read the blogs...he would kill me.hahahahha

Scheryka said...

LOL, I think blogging would get a lot of us in trouble. Especially if the husbands knew EXACTLY HOW MUCH fabric we really have!

SarahLizSewStyle said...

Then we won't ever tell them, will we lol's

Scheryka said...


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