Saturday, January 28, 2012

McCall’s 6355 - Black Rib Knit

I already have a long sleeve black top but I felt I needed another one that I could comfortably tuck into my pants and not have a thick padding around the waist area. After reading a few reviews, I thought, OK, I’ll give it a try.


It is described as Misses’ tops and dresses: semi-fitted top, dress have optional front and back darts, self-neck binding and optional invisible side seam zipper. The tanks have self armhole binding. Oh, by the way, this is a Palmer Pletsch pattern. I made view C.


This pattern comes in sizes 8 to 22. My envelope has the 8 to 16 and I cut the 8. In retrospect, I wish I knew how to downgrade because I think I should have cut around a 6 or maybe I could have even gotten away with a 4.

What I liked about this pattern is that there were a few successful makeups on PatternReview. I liked that it is a basic building block of a top or sheath dress.

What I don’t like about the pattern? It might just be me but I do not like the darts or their placement. There’s something with me and darts that just do not like each other. I looked in my closet at some rtw and, ummm, I don’t have too many tops with darts. I wonder why?

M6355 Front

I wouldn’t know if the instructions were easy or not because the top is a cinch to put together. I did browse over the fit pointers and actually should have followed those at the least. But I doubt the outcome would have been different because of my fabric choice. 

I used this really great black, thick, tight, rib knit. It had great return. I love this fabric and had originally wanted to make a long tight ankle skirt out of it to wear with a wide belt. This fabric is clearly not for this top. It is kind of on the heavy side. But I will see how it goes. It goes (went) to the chopping block to be made into some boot warmers.

M6355 Back

I added 1/2 inch to the hem and 5 inches to the sleeves. I wanted long sleeves not 3/4 sleeves. I took the shoulder in 1/2 inch because they hung over the edge. Then took off 1/2 from the sleeve cap. I played with the bust dart placement and don’t know what to say about that except I’m not totally happy with it. I left the sleeves and hem only serged. I couldn’t get the hems to decently turn without flaring out so I just left them as is. I did the same thing with a previous rib knit top I made.

M6355 Front close up

I’ll sew it again eventually. Right now I am a bit bombed about this one. It will be in a light-weight knit, that’s for sure. I also want to do the dress for spring. I already have the fabric washed and cut because if not it may end up as something else. I will see if I can recommend it after I make another rendition.

Conclusion: I’ll have to get back to you on this.

In the mean time I have decided to put a tag in all of my clothes stating the pattern. Here’s a look of one that was made entirely too big. Next time I will surely use a smaller size.

M6355 Tag

Until later, Be Encouraged and Go Grab Your Dreams, Schey.


Myra said...

Oh that's too bad!!! Looks like it would have been perfect!! (even with the hem as is!) Don't you just hate when something goes wrong with a completed project!!! I just had that happen to me with a pair of pants...totally trash now and I'm so upset about my fabric too!!! The only thing to make me feel better, is to buy more to shopping I go!

I feel ya!

Scheryka said...

LOL exactly! Now that's what I call therapy!