Friday, September 9, 2011

High Waist Ruffles

A morph between Simplicity 2724 ruffled bodice and New Look 6912 short high-waist skirt.

Misses Dresses          and            Misses Dresses

For some reason I saw a noticeable difference between the skirts when I first bought the patterns. I wanted the pink ruffle bodice and the shorter skirt of New Look. But after I had cut out both patterns (well after - because you see I have had this cut out since April) I realized that they were very much closely alike. Oh well. So, I decided to get another UFO out of the way.


The Simplicity is a Project Runway pattern. The New Look is a Design Your Look patter.

I cut size 14 in both patterns. I should have done the 16 or changed the allowance to probably 3/8. As sewn now, I can not have ANYTHING to eat prior to wear! I mean, if I pass the pass (as my niece says) (pass gas) it will rip right on up the seam!

Considering the morph, yes, each piece looks like the drawing or photo.


The instructions to the top was very clear. Note for beginners: You may want to look at the diagrams when applying the ruffles to get a clearer understanding. For the skirt – it’s a skirt.

I loved the ruffles of the bodice and the shape of the skirt. There is nothing to dislike.

I used a HOT AZZ polyester for the bodice. And I am not talking about hot as in; I mean hot as in “Dang, did I put on enough deo?'” For the skirt I used something that was shiny on one side and matte and kind of textured on the other. Looks like a shantung but I doubt it. Both were from the stash.


Alterations for the bodice? None. Alterations for the skirt? I added and extra split to the left side of the skirt. The belt loop (carriers) were supposed to be 2 inches long I doubled them to accommodate my belt that has been sitting waiting for something to look fabulous with. (I really need to invest in an invisible zipper foot!) Nothing else follows.

Yes, I may sew them again. With their perspective patterns though. I like the deep V-neck of the Simplicity and would like to try a couple of the bodice views from the New Look. Sure, I would recommend both parts I made….


My conclusion: Very cute. I think this will be a dinner date dress. The next one I make unless I loose a pound or two for this one.


DSCF2921Until Later, Schey.


Me! said...


GodsgirlT said...

You are tooo funny! I took a break from a paper write and saw that you had a new post. One minute later....I was cracking up! This project turned out REALLY cute and it looks good on you! I love the two fabrics you chose to combine and that silver is HOT!...and I mean as in DotCom! I love most things with a ruffle. Nice work....and thanks for the laugh!

Scheryka said...

Thanks Me! Lol

Scheryka said...

Thank you, God's Girl! You are welcome. I had to go back and read it and now I'm laughing at it. :D

Candice said...

I agree with GodsgirlT, you had me cracking up lol!!!! Cute dress!

Scheryka said...

Lol. Thanks, Candice!

Myra said...

Talk about me getting it...honey if hubby touched you right now, he'd sizzle!! That is definitely one HOT dress! I thought it was a top and skirt! I must say,you really rocked this one!! Just too, too cute!! and too funny!!! the way, thanks for stopping by with your comments. I'll get pictures of me posted when I return from vacay!

Tanya said...

Very cute, love the black/silver combination.

Scheryka said...

Lol, thank you Myra! I hope you are having a lot of fun. Thanks, Tanya!