Monday, August 22, 2011

New Fall Patterns

There are some very pretty patterns from the Big 4. Since I am winding down my summer and need to begin on a few fall essentials, I started looking at the selections available. Butterick has:

5673 B5673 This one, designed by Maggie London, would be great for color blocking. I am thinking Black and White or a Burgundy and Gray.

5674 B5674   Although, I am not always swayed by Suzi Chin’s designs, this one looks like it has some great potential. I like the feminine flow of the lines. This could possibly be my Holiday LBD.

McCall’s has a few that I like for myself and one that  Ann, my daughter, likes.

6391 M6391   Ann likes the plaid shorts and the pick-up skirt. Me too. She has even picked out her fabric for the skirt. She asked for denim but I think it will be a bit heavy to pull off the pick-up effect. 

6389 M6389   I like this top for her. The ruffles are too cute. I have some pretty white and yellow seersucker for this one.

6396 M6396   I am drawn to the lines of the skirt in this number. I see the bottom in thin       (p)leather.

6402 M6402  I like the black skirt and have some brown animal print (not sure which animal it’s supposed to be) for this one.

6404 M6404   I must, must, must grab this one! I looked at the blue top on the left at one point. But when I took a closer look, it seems as though the top is twisted and with an ill fit. It kind of looks likes the model is uncomfortable. So, that one is off the list.

V1258 V1258  A Vena Cava pattern. I have another plan for this one.

V1264 V1264   I like this jacket and hope a can pull it off so that it does not ages me.

This is just a few of the patterns on the next sale list that I plan to pick up. I see a lot of leather looks that are in my near future. I would like to mix them with a few bold fall colors like

Burgundy:60" Poly Poplin Burgundy   Teal:100% Organic Cotton Jersey Knit Teal

Coffee: Kona Cotton Coffee  Mustard:Stretch Bamboo Rayon/Cotton Jersey Knit Mustard

What do you have planned for your Fall wardrobe? Chime on in.

Until later, Schey.


Candice said...

I love your fall picks, and I especially love V1258... I have a few patterns picked out, just trying to pin pattern to fabric now! Looking forward to seeing your fall wardrobe, as I know it will be fab!

Serenity Love Sincere Peace Earth said...

I want B5679 too. Hancocks be frontin' on me when they have sales. I can never find it there. I'm planning a color block of brown and cream. The crazy combos in the magazines work well on the pages, but in real life I'd look like a clown... A big one.

Scheryka. said...
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Carla(LoverofWords) said...

Great picks. I hope you make that color block dress I would love to see it

Lol@ Serenity she is right though.

Scheryka. said...

Candice, Thanks. I hope I can get to the things I have plans for. I really need a few trouser pants. I also want to try and perfect my lined blazer. Serenity, Hancock is a trip. My local shop went from not having patterns in stock to only stocking 2 or 3 at a time. I try to get there early in the sale. I have been caught several times looking through the boxes of patterns. But hey, I usually find what I am looking for. I want to try color blocking but plan to keep the blocks smaller than usual because I think I will look clownish too. Maybe block a skirt and use one the colors to make the top solid to start off with. I'll see how it goes until I am confident. I want to see what you two come up with, too.

Scheryka. said...

Hey Carla, thanks. I want to do that one first. I'll see how things line up.

Scheryka. said...

Or block up. lol

Myra said...

Schey you have some very nice selections...can't wait to see what you have in mind for Vogue 1258! I agree with you about the leather looks...I definitely have to plan something in a leather look for this fall!

Scheryka. said...

Thanks Myra! I hadn't paid it any attention until Erica B. posted it. It looks so good in her print too.
I have a burgundy moleskin in the stash and hope it is enough to do it in.